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Children in cages

Children in cages, and tyrants in the White House. Smoke in suburbs. Maroon velvet rugs under the feet of an artificial fool. Children in cages and human beasts in the White House. Those who have a sick soul inhabit the palaces of the republic. The fighters languish in the suburbs. Where have the America of California gone? You no longer wear flowers in your hair. You were afraid of the freedom of your soul and you decided to imitate  the decadent and unfair tawdriness of the Sun King  and all the pathetic kings in the world that are considered superior people. Where have all the flowers gone? They ripped them out of the earth  and kept in the wicker basket  of an old grandmother who had lost her head. They now stink, and they will not be longer flowers. Where is the harmonics of Key West? Where does the girl with eyes of heaven live? The girl who swam in the nude under the bridge of San Francisco? She abhorred freedom because of a bad hangover, and because of the silver mirrors  with which they bought t…