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The finest hour

All the human nations are called to be free; the empires always fall down. The power of the people is ilimited. And even though the laws, the legal violence, the injustice of the power... get some victories, at the end, truth arises, and the people get freedom
We will be peaceful in the beaches, we will be peaceful in the streets and the hills. We will be peaceful in the sea and even alone. We will never surrender. As long as just one free man keeps stand and helds his will of being free, we will never surrender.
The mock and the despise that Spanish rulers do against the will of the most people in Catalonia; the use of the legal violence to avoid the implementation of the government that people want... It should make Spanish rulers aware of their resounding democratic failure.

Order is not enough

Order is not enough.  If the order appears because of the repression...  If there's no freedom, what will the life be like?  Safety, order, uniformity, silence, urban harmony, richness, dominion... What are those goals for... if we are not free to dream, fly,  change the life, overcome all that is established, run away from routine, seek a newer world?  What would our prestige be for if we were'n able to sit on a beach and sing a song to the sunset in a warm summer night? What is our elegant suit for if it denies us the pleasure of feeling the wind, the sand, the sun, the water... in our whole skin?  What is our life for if we don't experience surprise?  It doesn't do any good to grab gold chains if they are heavy and ungrateful.  We are born to be free.