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Oh Freedom!

Hi! This is a post-Civil War African-American freedom song. I want to sing this song right here and right now because I want to express that nothing is goig to steal my freedom and the freedom of the people I love. The world around us is full of chains. Some people say that they don't listen to the chains, but if we really have chains, the chains only ring when we try to go ahead. People that are immobile will never listen to the chains. We live in a world full of prohibitions, a world that tries to make the people work with laws and threats as if we were slaves or cattle. The very educational system tries to make their schools work with rules, laws, punishments, brawls... We need to free us from all this slavery. We need to sing, and dance, and smile... And besides, throughout these days, there are some peaceful compatriots jailed right now because of political facts. They haven't been even judged, and they are great men and women, smart, helpful, kind... But they are in j…