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The loud sound of the silence of the people who can't vote!

The freedom of the people is an internal matter of Europe. History is full of wars of independence. Catalonia hates the wars. We want to decided by voting. Which future is more stable? The imposed future or the chosen one? The forced or the voted one? Human Rights are more important than economy. What did the European politicians dream about when they decided be politicians? We live for the hope. How will we able to love EU if we can't decide our future as a nation? Are we really Europe? Catalonia is a peaceful people. We can't stand violence. If anyone says that we complain with violence, he is lying.
Ten thousand policemen have just arrived in Catalonia to avoid voting... but... What a loud sound makes the silence of the people who can't vote!


Peace! For my poor little homeland, invaded by an army of policemen that want to avoid us to vote. Peace! For all the nations in the world. Freedom to choose the future, to decide our policies, our cultural life, our education, our hope. Peace! To decide without violence all that the most of the people decide, by the voting of the people! Peace! To abolish the laws that injure human rights, the undemocratic laws that forbid the voting exercise, the inhumane laws that imprison those who work to let people vote. Peace! Love, and fraternity for everybody. The sun will arise again, don't know when, don't know where; but I'm sure the sun will arise, and people will wotk to bring back peace to us.