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I love Barcelona!

There may be a place where people are free; free of mind, free of soul, free in their lives. Sometimes I think I've already found this place. It happens to me when I meet nice people, people who accept my way of thinking, my way of life, my habits, my values... I'm not saying that those people must think the same as me... I'm just saying that those people must let me think in the way I think even though they think and live in a different way. Sometimes I think I've already found that place when I'm naked, in the nature, singing or swimming under the sun, in the most pretty landscape I've ever saw. Sometimes I think I've found that place when I meet people who don't fear their own bodies, their own image... people who don't see only sex where there are only beauty, freedom, humanity, souls, minds, hearts, thoughts, friends... Our body is not a sex tool, is the temple of our consciousness, of our mind, of our empathy, of our high human values... There ma…

Live or die, don’t survive. Laugh or breath, don’t yawn.

I’ll get you yet! Pain and Death! You got my beloved friends and killed them. They got it bad, as many others too. That’s what gets me! Nobody chose to be born, however... by being born, many people embrace the chains of the pain and the sadness. Hey, pain and death! Can I get you a drink? Maybe if I get you drunk, you’ll be quiet and still. Your absence gets me; your presence gets me in the throat. Do you get it? Sometime, people live as though they were guilty of their pain. It gets me down. Maybe It gets me down because I’m alone. Nobody likes singing in the sunset, or having a bath in the nude in a lonely and dark lake. I usually live alone. I live beside a lot of people, but alone. Maybe like a child in a room full of old people. I would like getting people to be free, a little bit richer than the most rich men. I would like getting people to sing freely, dance, dream and create... Lonelyness gets me down when this loneliness comes by being in love with such a lot of passions. But I will …