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You cry because of the nice colors of the sunset

I got out of the ideology’s jail and made for the human kind world. Life saved chairs for those to come, and my friends and me ordered some drinks for them. We each ordered some drinks for them. Then, we each watched the way of life we had just left behind, and felt free and happy. I got out the ideology’s jail.
You’re a person as I am, you are afraid of death and pain, you love yours, and fight for surviving. You believe in kindness, and cry because of the nice colors of the sunset. You’re like me, a person as I am.
Any mistake on the second time is much harsher than on the first time, but no matter how many times we are wrong, the main issue is the will of going on. No matter if we were aware of our bad decission, sometimes our decission’s capacity is ill. The fact, all that is important, is the will of going on.
I explained to myself what it was all about; by writing and singing I talked to myself and figured out what it was all about, and I felt free and happy.

Mother Earth
Lord Tennyson wrote "Today is not too late to seek a newer world". And today he could write the same again in a world that survives through violence and curtness. Where is the human being? Saint Exupery could write too again. Where is the Earth, our common homeland? Where have gone the flowers gone? Where have gone those bright and free styles that were scattered over the world in the sixties? Where is the sweet love of free lovers? Where is nakedness, and wild forests, and love, and peace? We'll meet again that dreams, don't know where, don't know when... But we have the duty of give the treasure of freedom to our children and grandchildren.
I propose you to listen the song of the next link as a tribute to Vera Lynn, that (may be in another sense but no so different) dreamt in a peaceful world and was beside those soldiers who went to Europe to give their lives to fight for the freedom of the people, leaving their dear beloved, through …

A better life

I think you've got me mixed up when you direct me to expire the sweet deep wish for wind and sand for wildness and the pure desires shining near the waves and foam under the burning sky of fire. I think you've got me mixed up.
Further the water, the line of dreams, my heart is born at noon again. I'm just a child naked and free, only a man beside the sea. Further the water, the line of dreams.
Where are you, fellows, taking me? I don't get here often enough. Your way is bright, empty and tough. I only need a bit of love. Where are you, fellows, taking me?
I'm pushing for a better life, poorer, may be, but clear and nice. I do not want a dice to choose my steps, my thoughts, my words, my mood. I'm pushing for a better life.
I think you've got me mixed up. Further the water, the line of dreams. Where are you fellows taking me? I'm pusher for a better life.

Concealment perverts whereas knowledge and freedom civilize.

As well as surviving, I'm trying to live. Well... In fact, I could say: As well as trying to live, I'm surviving, because the goal of our life is not surviving but living. As well as walking safely, I'm walking freely.  What good would it be to walk (even to live) if we didn't walk (or live) freely? Our societies are full of frightened people; frightened and sluggish. They fear trying new experiences, changing outdated habits, fighting for higher freedom. They are sluggish because they preffer to stay in their humdrum life's style than to improve their sanity by leaving old and obsessive impositions. 
I have just come from paradise, a place where people is in harmony with their own body and with the body of the other human beings. The validity of the monstrous repression of the moral doctrines of the big religions has expired. Human beings can live without a continual battle against their naked bodies. The knowledge and the usual seeing of naked human bodies doing na…

Still Ruht der see

I have been some time far away from this blog and from the work of writing, but from now on, I will come back here, and I will publish my ideas, my stories, my poems and my songs. By now, and lines above, I show you a popular German song I recorded two  weeks ago. I hope you like.