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At dawn, light is blowing down darkness, and a new day is starting again.

About half way between Coll d'Estenalles and Coll d'Eres, there is a place where oak and pines trees stand under the early stars, while the sun is sinking behind Montserrat mountains. After walking through the forests of this area, we usually sit on the ground, and with the faces flushed by the last sunlight of the day, so red, we sing the songs we love the most. These are the deepest instants in life, perhaps the truest instants. The North wind cools us, however we wear suitable clothes, and despite the cold weather, we appreciate the harsh intensity of the forces of nature. We love the cold in winter, the heat in summer, the strong blow of the wind when it awakes, the silent falling of the snow in the heart of the forest, the loneliness of the wild valleys... The energy of the nature is not our enemy but our mother. We emerged from the strongness of this nature that we love, and we accept its power. In this scenario, time stretches as if it were ethernal; perhaps because we …

The world is as our eyes watch it

I am a man that defends the right to be naked in the nature, and I'm not alone, there are many people, men, women, families, who defend the same right. We live feeling that nothing in our body or in the body of anyone has any strange sinful power; and in fact, nothing in human body has any strange sinful power. We live feeling that our way of feeling, and that our way of thinking, is the sanest way of living. Our life is as our thoughts are. Self-estim is an energy that lays at the back of our mind; we are not aware when it works. It is like the grass growing under a thick snow's fold in the coldest winters; grass grows and nobody sees it. The world is as our eyes watch it; the world is as our mind thinks it. If we realise that nothing in our body is sinful, it will turn out that loving human beings will be easier. If we realise that nothing in our body is sinful, it will turn out that being a kind human beings will be easier because we will love ourselves better, perhaps no…