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Our actual life hides in these foolish things.

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Take my hand, and I'll give my heart. Today the Moon shines, big and bright. Our greatest treasure
is the kindness that flies
where it wants; the kindness that has made our core.
a pure soul
draws great designs. The simplest things
are the most valuable jews. I'm the owner
of the actions that I made
just because I like making, I'm the slave
of the habits
that are suppossed to rule
the way I live. Nothing of what I freely do
makes me different
to the most of the people.
Nothing of what I freely do
is lost forever.
Nothing of what I enforced do
does any good.  We really live
when we enjoy the simple breaths
of our daily pace. Our actual life,  makes us deeply live.

Most bonsais remain dwarfish. Bonsais are trees with their branches tied and stranded during their growing period.

I've been enjoying in catalan beaches for the last twenty-six years. In fact, I've been going to the beach every year since I was born, but, in the first twenty years, I can't say I enjoyed, because I went to the beach as a visitor; and I went there as a visitor because, among other reasons, I was dressed. Whalt Whitman explained it very well. 

In the first years of my life, when I was a little boy and I was with my family in the beach, some parts of my body were obsessively covered by a manufactered swimsuit made from oil derivatives. Yet the worst was not the discomfort of that garment, because at the beggining, I had not known yet the awesome feeling of nudity over my skin, and I could'nt compare. The worst was not the white marks under the swimsuit either. The worst were the invisible marks imprinted on my mind. The worst was the subtle lack of the whole human image, the lack of the original shape of human body on my mind, the lack of a reality that nature has engra…

Montcau. Climbing to the red mountain.

In the sunset, our mountain turns into a red goddess. Wind blows and the tree's branches sounds as waves noise. The more we forget all excluding the current instant, the more we live inside the current instant. It is a privilege to have so near this landscape and this goddess.

Falling in love with the inmost of the human beings

If we deeply understood the fact that we are going to die (that, in fact, we are dying), our life would be happier. I think everybody knows what experiences makes him or her happy, but the fears compells us to chase unsuitable goals: obsessive safety, glory, prestige, fame, fortune, the gleaming of a life that looks golden. These goals have a price; and this price is often too expensive. First of all we usually unconsciously despise the feelings of others. Of course, we are likely going to say that the feelings of the people are worth, and that we have to take them into account; but in the inmost of our minds, we live only for us, everyone lives only for everyone. The «others» are often a path towards our own happiness; and we don't know this harsh reality, because lies in a hidden area of our heart, but we are this way. The greatest miracle starts when we deeply enjoy the happiness of the others as this happiness was ours. When this happens, we don't need to loose our life…