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The leaves that fall.

Green and red twilight  during the last instants of the day. I know where my ashes will rest; beside the roots, wallowing into the mud, swallowing drops of life and breath.
This will is not an attack or a despise, but the true wish of a dying soul. I don't want dogmas of tortures and redemptions, just the love and the bless of an awesome Earth. People who love me know  where my ashes will rest, and this yearning is not an incitement  or a provocation. A little part of me,  clean and mineral, will symbolize what I will have been, what I will have loved. But my mind will stay  with those who I love, for ever and ever. 

Our main God

There will come back the leprechauns, the fairies rings, the Morrigan, beyond the hills, under the clouds, when rain is back and dew is pure, we will recover the freedom’s pace, without the death’s machines of fear. Our god is green and made of land; I’ve seen its face in every man, in every woman, in every child, in every song, in every smile. Above the homeland of my soul, we’ll worship life deeply again, and we’ll proclaim that every person is our main God and our main chant.