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Our hidden paradise

Children know that the only good attitude in learning process is not fearing of making oneself ridiculous.

Some people think that all in life is a competition. For instance, when they are drawing or painting, they always compare themselves with the great masters of painting, and many times they feel themselves as losers. And when other people are drawing, (and mostly the other people don't draw as good as them) they compare these other people with the great masters of painting too, and most times they criticize them and tell them to drop this hobby because they say they make themselves ridiculous. People that despise those who are not genius can't assume the painting or any other hobby just as a pleasure, or just as a way of enjoying... or expressing oneself... or being in life. They think that all the people have the same sense of ridiculous they have, because they consider that all the things we decide to do in life must be tools to win, to beat, to look, to captivate, to dazzle... They live as if life was a showcase where the genius should be contemplated and admired, and they…

My first song of this summer.

I made this song few days ago. 
It would be what the wind would say to the human being if he could.
I decided to sing it in the nature even though the quality of the sound is not as good as it would be indoor. But I think it is more natural.

White of the foam on the deep blue sea. This white taken by the power of the pure and clean wind's blowing. This wind that is «in love».
The Wind stops and then moves again. It dies and then it is alive again. It arrives to mainland and laughs when it sees the golden wisps of hair of the children.
Human being! When did you learn to read and understand the pines dance of the paradise?
You are really you!
You're good looking! You were drawn through the bright line that the Earth usually sketches.
Your skin is the dress that nature gave you. I ruffle your salty hair. And I realize you're wind as I am.
You are really you!
You're crazy, human being! Why do you sell such a lot of hapiness? You were snatched from the forests and the Earth, and …

The love I will have given... The smiles I will have achieved... The time I wil have shared...

Death always looks so bad! And losing dear people is sad, indeed! Specially when they go too young. We can try to avoid the sad face of death, but we should try to watch further, and accept the natural rules of game. The death that we have to understand is the natural death, not the unfair death of wars or hates, nor the unsuitable death of young people. We are not going to be friends of the cruel deaths of so many people who pass away out of line. We have to work for a world without the unbearable deaths of those who should be still alive. But the quiet death of old and illl people even seem down right friendly sometime; a death at the end of the life when the wisdom of a deep lifelong has been transmited to all the people that he or she loves. In the beginning, death, whenever it comes, just shows its ugly face, until you get to know it a little bit better. But nobody likely would be able to born (future babies) if those who are alive never died, and human species would not keep ev…

How many sunsets have you watched in your life? How many times have you played in the mud?

I've been living in this planet for forty seven years, almost forty eight, and all this time I have been enjoying the beauty of the little things. Right across town, beyond the green hills, near the sea, or even in the darkness of a room... I've been discovering new images as if they were new continents. Everybody seeks a way of living, and when anyone speaks about «the way of living», he or she is really talking about the way of surviving. No one understands life as a chance to enjoy, to create, to learn, to try, to play, to share, and specially to be free. -What do you do in life? -someone asks somebody. -I'm running the feedstore. -Oh very good! You're a lucky man. No one asks about happiness or goals or poetry or hope. Once, I made a decission, an essential decission. This decission was not allowing anybody to make me believe in groundless ideas, in groundless morality, in any unjustified dogma. Human world is full of believes that are really chains; chains tha…

Poor human being

He plays to be an angel, and thinks he really is, but he is just a little puppet, slave and full of bliss. His happiness is light dust flying in the wind; a mirage in his poor mind of tribal steam. Nasty blows of hazing, dressed up in peace, under bright appearances, he stings like a bee. He works just for his swarm According a main wish the will of the thin strings
that move the puppet's swing.