Monday, February 22, 2016

Our actual life hides in these foolish things.

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Take my hand, and I'll give my heart.
Today the Moon shines, big and bright.
Our greatest treasure
is the kindness that flies
where it wants;
the kindness that has made our core.
a pure soul
draws great designs.
The simplest things
are the most valuable jews.
I'm the owner
of the actions that I made
just because I like making,
I'm the slave
of the habits
that are suppossed to rule
the way I live.
Nothing of what I freely do
makes me different
to the most of the people.
Nothing of what I freely do
is lost forever.
Nothing of what I enforced do
does any good. 
We really live
when we enjoy the simple breaths
of our daily pace.
Our actual life, 
makes us deeply live.

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