Thursday, February 11, 2016

Most bonsais remain dwarfish. Bonsais are trees with their branches tied and stranded during their growing period.

I've been enjoying in catalan beaches for the last twenty-six years. In fact, I've been going to the beach every year since I was born, but, in the first twenty years, I can't say I enjoyed, because I went to the beach as a visitor; and I went there as a visitor because, among other reasons, I was dressed. Whalt Whitman explained it very well. 

In the first years of my life, when I was a little boy and I was with my family in the beach, some parts of my body were obsessively covered by a manufactered swimsuit made from oil derivatives. Yet the worst was not the discomfort of that garment, because at the beggining, I had not known yet the awesome feeling of nudity over my skin, and I could'nt compare. The worst was not the white marks under the swimsuit either. The worst were the invisible marks imprinted on my mind. The worst was the subtle lack of the whole human image, the lack of the original shape of human body on my mind, the lack of a reality that nature has engraved on the human mind since the beginning of time. The ban of a specific part of the body; as if it was a sin, as if it was damned, as if it was misterious... usually impacts the people in several different ways. People are diverse, and one cause can develop different consequences when it works over different people. But most bonsais remain dwarfish. Bonsais are trees with their branches tied and stranded during their growing period.
Soon, when I was ten or eleven years old, I went on my own to lonely beaches, and I tried to have a bath like the wild people I watched on TV documentaries and that I admired. Then, I discovered the sweet feeling of having my whole skin as if it was just one sense, a unity of perception, and I started to understand the meaning of being one with nature. 
In general, people repeat the habits they have learnt from their parents, and in many aspects of the relation with our own body, the human society hardly progresses. Not always but sometimes, the occultation of our own reality produces strange and disturbing imbalances on our desires. Some people live hiding their shameful desires; and these desires appear and grow in the inmost of these people, specially men, because of the banning of the image of the whole human body during the first years of their lives. The occultation of the human body develops a strange and strong attraction towards different and unsuspected fetish. Of course, not everybody commits antisocial acts because of a repressive education, but most men show a far too strong sexual tension, and some of them, a minority, sometimes, act in an unsuitable way with regard to sexuality. A society who faced their natural reality with more transparency and maturity, specially during the growing periods, would develop a saner attitudes and a less sexual disturbances. We could produce a statistical study on antisocial behaviors with regard to sexuality, and we would find out that the groups that mostly have sexual problems are likely those who have grown in a more body concealment, and in a more repressive environment. In point of fact, some of the men who approach to naturist areas ( a minority) are not really naturists but men with an strong wish of staring at nude women. They have grown in repressive environments and they feel they need to consume naked images, often compulsively. These men (mostly they are men) create confusion in the public eye, because their behaviours are not natural behaviours, and their attittudes are not naturist attittudes.
Society is not easily going to find a solution, because it should fight against cultural and religious pressures. If a society strongly decided to develop this new freedom's philosophy, some repressed people would use this freedom to release their tied drives and at the first conflicts, the enemies of freedom would ask again to restore the old prohibitions. Besides, there is the epigenètic matter, with its influence over the fears and the obsessions of people. The epigenetic produces the heritages of the fears (and other phenotypes) from the nearby ancestors. Therefore, the path of the freedom is full of difficulties, but if we overcome, at the end of the trip we are going to find a society free of their own obsessions; a naked body is not ever going to be a cause for an uncontrolled sexuality; when somebody will see a naked body, he are not going to see a sexual object but a person, a consciousness. Seeing nakednees will never be enough to be excited, because nakedness is the original and natural dress that Earth dressed for people. A naked human body will never be more a pornographic claim, but the icon of a sacred counsciousness.

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