Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Words for those who have a strong pain.

 Keep calm and carry on. We are a strong institution, we are a heart, we are a team of souls. We believe in kindness, in love, in happiness, in freedom, in nature, in beauty, in future. Our faith doesn't come from any religion, it is a faith in the goodness of existence. We're stronger than our enemies because the pain will not defeat us, because the pain is not defeating us. We have the power to find beauty, love and hope in any instant of our lives, because these gifts exist, these are hidden in every instant; and when the enemies try to get dark our days, we drink the blessings of these gifts and win.
Nothing frightens us, because we have confidence on freedom. Death is better than slavery, so we are going to be always free. Myths, fictions, dogmas, doctrines, theologies, any sort of chains... are not being able to dominate us, because we belong to the humility of nature and to the confidence on existence. No human monkey will frighten us. Death is not frightening us because we are fallen in love with life. Those who have been deeply alived don't fear death. Perhaps, some day, the diseases or the physical power will destroy our body, but they are not going to destroy our mind, our wishes, our faith or our freedom's love. And our words, the written words, will always stay. The seed of freedom is going to grow ever and ever, and nothing will avoid its victory. The dreams we have dreamt fly towards all the directions of the Earth, and the future of human kind will be a future full of freedom and love. The generations that are being born have the freedom's seed on their soul, because they are human beings, and our words, our message, our life, will be blessed water for their growing and their victories. Their victory will be for ever our victory and the victory of the human species.      

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