Monday, January 4, 2016

We can't change the world, but if we change our mind, the world changes

If only changing the mind was so easy like swapping a hat for a bonnet! And the mind is all. We know the world through our mind. We live in the world our mind choose. We can't change the world, but if we change our mind, the world changes. I like chuckling at any funny anecdote my son or my daughter explains me. Laughing is a healthy activity that compels our mind to change. Truth hides inside the gladness, and also hides in the braveness of those who fight to be happy and to give happiness to somebody. We should merrily be aware of the privilege that existing means. Our life is the slice of love that the misterious power of the nature gives us. Some times I stop and, to my amazement, I realize I exist, and I realize things exist. I realize that there are existing things. Perhaps, you will think this assertions are platitudes, but I think that most people are not aware of the unusual fact of existing.
Nowadays, people suffer from a stack of worries out of the physical values that guide human life. Society compels us to chase empty goals, to esteem richness and power as if these were the reason of our existence. This wrong race is the main cause of such a lot of dissatisfaction. If our mind was a body, nowadays it would be gasping for breath, because the society's press is so strong that we usually act like puppets in a punch's theater.

Too many people live with fears nagging at the back of their mind all day: mortgages, debts, frustrated expectations, anxiety... Life should be easier than all these concerns. We can choose our life but we have to be brave. The strongest bravenes is the capacity of travelling against the society's wind, but all the great conquests come from a brave soul.   

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