Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The white forest of Tiergarten.

Once it was a garden of animals. Some years later, a hunting area. The aristocracy of Prussia chased deers and wild pigs. Nowadays  it is a green area inside Berlin. Well... In fact, the day I took these photos it was a white area. I talked with a muse of the forest.  She promised me tons of inspiration. On the limbs of the fir trees, I found lost words, secret messages, outlaw verses, hidden rage waiting the liberation, hidden love waiting the proclamation of the beauty's government. I stepped the silent snowy ground, and it was soft like an impossible mattress. My children played and laughed. They read the merry stories imprinted in the core of the forest. The white forest of Tiergarten harbors the magical power of the mind. I belong to Tiergarte and I will go back there. 

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