Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The day I paid tribute to Kennedy in Berlin.

One year ago, when I went to Scotland, I had promised myself to have a bath in the Loch Ness and I did.
In the trip I finished last sunday, I had promised to declaim the speech that Kennedy delivered in June 26, 1963, in the same place he did: the Rathaus Schöneberg of Berlin.
It was a very exciting experience, and a tribute to this great statesman. We could visit the building, a place hardly known by tourists, and therefore, quiet and relaxing. Inside the building, there was a pleasant scent of books and wood, an invisible sensation of peace and dignity. It really was as if Kennedy somehow was there,  welcoming us.
After my speaking, a very kind neighbour of Schöneberg that listened me, explained us details of the day Kennedy delivered his speech.
It was a nice morning!

Here, my speech.

And here the original speech of JFK:

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