Monday, January 11, 2016

I love this Berlin. Berlin Wall East Side Gallery.

Because I love freedom, and I believe in individual freedom. Because I find beauty in the chaos. Because I think that another world is possible... I love Berlin.
Because I hate the walls, and because I love the people who overthrow the walls and then turn it into artworks... I love Berlin.
Because I love the woods, the immense woods inside the towns... and the snow in winter, and the children making an snowman... I love Berlin
Because I like the people who condemn the past of their country and proclaim the right to the freedom for everybody... I love Berlin.
Because I believe in the anarchy in the painting lines, in the colors, in the urban beauty, in the open minds, in the life's pace... I love Berlin.
Because the current Berlin is the hell of Hitler... a town where a girl can kiss freely a girl in a subway car, where a black boy kiss a white and blonde girl, where people of different races and typologies going out to have a good time in saturday night... a Berlin enemy of obedience and uniformity... I love this Berlin, deeply German and deeply human. 
Ich bin ein Berliner!  

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