Saturday, January 2, 2016

Freedom is a conquest of the braves

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I like walking beside the bunches of geraniums in the parks of my hometown. The stillness times are the points of the week that I usually use to get in touch with the existence. I dislike running again and again after useful goals that compels our lives to be far from «now» and «here». There are always «profitable» aims, suitable «goals» that somebody calls «advantageous» and that our heart feel as a pain. Our lives seem to be programmed to chase an economical haughtiness as if it was the fulfilment of all the dreams of our existence. Our myths are the chains that drag milions of people to obey without thinking, to run after a way of life that abides by the standards.

If somebody disobeys this invisible rules, the whole swarm stings him or her, some times till the social exclusion or even the death. Freedom is a conquest of the braves. We have the chains in our own blood, in our own mind, in our own pulses. Our mind has to rebuid itself again and again to achieve the power of ours over ourselves. Our thoughts are not our own, and we have to conquer them again. Our enemy is not only outside of ourselves but inside. We have to fight not only against the social chains but also against our own trend of turning ourselves into fashion and tradition slaves.

All days are hollydays. All days are miracles. All days are chances to create. All human beings are bright miracles, everyday, everywhere. Fear is a poison that cut ourself off from people. Confidence and love are the seeds that make grow the sane and beautiful plant of the life. We have to think about the pulses of our minds and about the strength of the society's standards to understand the dark side of some people. We have to forgive and help them to achieve a freer and happier society.  

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