Sunday, January 24, 2016

Everybody is infinitely valuous whether he knows or not.

War is alway a hell wherever it happens and whatever its goal be. Kindness always hides around wherever we are; even though we are in the war and in a place that somebody call "enemy land". There are different causes in a war, but there are no good or bad people only for having been born in a land or another. There are only people who kill and people who die. There are only people who suffer. Dumb minds turn people into saints or devils just because their nationality, their race, their ideas... Nobody chooses the place he o she is born. Nobody chooses the side of the war where his or her country fights. Human beings are more or less the same reality. Everybody loves, everybody cries, everybody fears, everybody needs to eat, to sleep, to live freely, to take care of his or her children. We are all miracles whoever we are, wherever we go. Everyone is a miracle. Everyone has inside the whole universe. Who mistreats anyone is mistreating the whole human kind. Everybody is weak whether he knows or not, and everybody is infinitely valuous whether he knows or not.

The strongest hope of human kind is the kindness imprinted in the hearts of the new generations that will come. Every new generation comes with the same blessed gifts inside. Of course, this new generation wears violence and hate's pulses hidden in any place of his luggage, but every mother and every father works with the best of his or hers to help his or her sons and daughters to develop the best of themselves. Life's evolution travels towards the consciousness, and willy-nilly, consciousness is going to develop love, empathy, happiness...

Sometimes I consider a brain as it was a radio or a TV. I feel as if counsciousness was always there, and we only needed a magical machine to lit it. A receptor that turned a misterious energy into thoughts, love, kindness... 

In any dark time or place in Earth, there are lovely people that exist to be loved and respected. In any culture, race, country... there are people who wish happiness and freedom, and we have to work for all the people, for the peace for all the people, and not only for our country or our culture but for all. If we love the people we meet anywhere, we are loving ourselves, and we are loving the whole human kind.  

Life is full of sacred foolish things, simple things, that draw the depth of the life; things that belong to our time and to our steps on the Earth. These foolish things built our happiness and the simplicity of our peace.

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