Sunday, January 3, 2016

Berlin and Dublin

I'm visiting Berlin next week, but I think I'll visit Dublin some day.
In Berlin, I'm going to know the jew quarter, the old houses and the narrow streets of the slums. I'm going to have a dinner in a restaurant called «Zur Letzen Instanz», the oldest in Berlin. Napoleon and Bethoven were some of their customers. I'm being lodged in Novotel, and I suspect I will be satisfied with this hotel, because one month ago I was lodged in the Novotel of Le Grande Motte, near of Montpellier, and it was delighful. When I'm being back, I will explain you all the details of my journey. Despite the hot weather of the last days I think it will be cold, because Berlin is Berlin, and in december, the weather is unlikely warm for a long time.
As I said, some day I'll visit Dublin, and I'll likely go to the oldest pub of the city. I'll also go to other cities of ireland to listen some of my favorite singers and bands. I'll visit the pub where Mickey MacConnell usually sings, and I want to attend a concert of the Pogues or the Dublinners. I don't know why, but when I hear «Dirty old town» or «Only our rivers run free» and I feel deeply stirred. Some one has told me that in a previous life I was an irish man or woman, but I don't think so, because I feel the same stirring and compelling sense when I hear or sing Scottish songs like «Auld lang syne» «Flower o Scotland» or «The ghosts of Cullloden». And I also feel the same thrill when I hear or sing american songs like «The Yellow Rose of Texas» or «My Darling Clementine». And I feel the same, or even stronger, when I hear the old Australian song «Waltzing Mathilda».

So... one day I'll go to Ireland, I'm sure.     

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