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Everybody is infinitely valuous whether he knows or not.

War is alway a hell wherever it happens and whatever its goal be. Kindness always hides around wherever we are; even though we are in the war and in a place that somebody call "enemy land". There are different causes in a war, but there are no good or bad people only for having been born in a land or another. There are only people who kill and people who die. There are only people who suffer. Dumb minds turn people into saints or devils just because their nationality, their race, their ideas... Nobody chooses the place he o she is born. Nobody chooses the side of the war where his or her country fights. Human beings are more or less the same reality. Everybody loves, everybody cries, everybody fears, everybody needs to eat, to sleep, to live freely, to take care of his or her children. We are all miracles whoever we are, wherever we go. Everyone is a miracle. Everyone has inside the whole universe. Who mistreats anyone is mistreating the whole human kind. Everybody is weak …

Towns like human lives.

Human life is colour, and where there is human life there is colour. Where there is human life there is design; lines that shows the inmost stroke of mind. Urban designs are the maximum concentration of human showing; the human dream turns into building. Towns are receptacles of invisible human thrills. Old and young thrills. Alive and dead thrills. The old sensations that passed away vibrate on the walls of Berlin like the feelings in an old human heart. Old cities are like old human beings; they always have a young soul despite the course of years.

The white forest of Tiergarten.

Once it was a garden of animals. Some years later, a hunting area. The aristocracy of Prussia chased deers and wild pigs. Nowadays  it is a green area inside Berlin. Well... In fact, the day I took these photos it was a white area. I talked with a muse of the forest.  She promised me tons of inspiration. On the limbs of the fir trees, I found lost words, secret messages, outlaw verses, hidden rage waiting the liberation, hidden love waiting the proclamation of the beauty's government. I stepped the silent snowy ground, and it was soft like an impossible mattress. My children played and laughed. They read the merry stories imprinted in the core of the forest. The white forest of Tiergarten harbors the magical power of the mind. I belong to Tiergarte and I will go back there. 

The soul of the current Berlin. Hackescher Markt. 39 Rosenthaler Strasse. Haus Schwarzenberg.

There's a place in Berlin that can't be defined. In the 39 Rosenthaler Strasse, there's a discreet and disguised gate; a hole in the front of some old jew houses in Hackescher Markt. Beyond the gate, we find a magic courtyard, with thousands of Graffities, and many strange doors that guide us towards strange and secret spots. In this gloomy courtyard there is an arts cinema, a couple of alternatives cafes, galleries, some strange shop. This place has an atmosphere of anarchy, as we were in the pre-war slums. There also is a museum about Anna Frank.  Some people say that this place is an oasis in the middle of the gentrified heart of Berlin. Others have said that for getting a proper feeling of the soul of the current Berlin you have to go to Haus Schwarzenberg. I'd say that this uncommon point in a tech town expresses what Berlin is and what it hides inside its meaning.  

The day I paid tribute to Kennedy in Berlin.

One year ago, when I went to Scotland, I had promised myself to have a bath in the Loch Ness and I did. In the trip I finished last sunday, I had promised to declaim the speech that Kennedy delivered in June 26, 1963, in the same place he did: the Rathaus Schöneberg of Berlin. It was a very exciting experience, and a tribute to this great statesman. We could visit the building, a place hardly known by tourists, and therefore, quiet and relaxing. Inside the building, there was a pleasant scent of books and wood, an invisible sensation of peace and dignity. It really was as if Kennedy somehow was there,  welcoming us. After my speaking, a very kind neighbour of Schöneberg that listened me, explained us details of the day Kennedy delivered his speech. It was a nice morning!
Here, my speech.
And here the original speech of JFK: