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About being liked and the life.

CC-BY-SA-2.5 from Marsyas on wikipedia
Everyone wants to be liked, but in fact, first of all, it would be better if everyone wanted to like himself.  Would you like for any powerful person to like you? Be careful, Power ones usually try to buy all that they wish, and those who buy people don't love them. He likes you, doesn't he? That's not a bad thing; but you have to be sure he doesn't want to own you. Are you from around here? We are really from everywhere. I usually feel the urge to say something, when I see so clear an answer or an idea. Many things are a lot of trouble to everyone; usually, life is more simple tant people think. People get it more confused. Wrong thoughts get dark a whole life.

Remembering the warm times of summer

Here, in the north of the Earth, winter is coming, and we remember the warm times of summer, and the freedom of nakedness. Every golden beach, every little creek, every misterious cove where the sea arrived again and again, the blue light of the water when it was crossed by sunlight, the whole human skin of the human beings who were not aware of their nakedness, the brown, the dark and golden, the coppery color of the human body, the quiet mind of the quiet souls of those who are like children. All this beauty is usually attacked by those who have empty minds; different kinds of people of various ideas, or even without ideas, despise or confuse or assault the simple experience of freedom. To be naked is just to be naked. To be naked is not necessarily a way of life or an ideology. To be naked is a way of enjoy nature, and it is a right of every human being whatever his culture or ideology is. To be naked is not necessarily a search of sexual stimulation. Almost always, the experience o…

Waltzing Matilda

During the harshest moments of my life, "Waltzing Matilda" has been a personal anthem. I'm not Australian. In fact, I live on the other side of the Earth, but something strange has made me keen on the song "Waltzing Matilda". At the same time, in the same harsh times, I've been fond of the wide and lonely prairies, the red color of the earth, and the sacred silence of the landscape.
Here, in the video you can see above, I was in a lovely house of a little village called Masriudoms, near the naturist beach of "El Torn". It was in summer, and Waltzing Matilda was my pray to the misterious God that stands above any religion, a God that doesn't punish or rewards, a God that just gives; the God of the red lands and the wild prairies.
I hope you like.

The origin of the life

By remembering the clear years of childhood,  when we understood so strongly  what friendship means,  we can figure out the mistery of love. By staring at the green prairies under the rain,  the plumb’s sky over the hills,  the burning and cool light of the damp landscape,  we assume the tender love of nature upon us,  as a mother,  as the origin,  as the core of existence. By singing and listening "Shenandoah",  we feel the human soul that comes from the night of times;  an alive soul that flies over the trees, seas, sands, mountains...
We have inside all that is out there;  life is around us, everywhere,  in the air and in the empty space,  and anything that can be alive, gets alive.  If a stone could be alive, it would be alive.  If the mud can be alive, it will be alive.  Life wants to exist and fights to exist.  Maybe it’s because all is full of beauty  that life struggles to exist and develop.

When we are just born, our mind hovers delicately on the last edge of pure kindness

Your voice is the right of your soul to express itself. Be brave to talk about the wilderness of our lovely nature. Every line that is drawn by the wind is an only line, and it has the right to be singular. If anybody tries to uniform this line, he or she will destroy it; its identity and its life. When we are just born, our mind hovers delicately on the last edge of pure kindness. We come here full of kindness. Kindness is the natural core of our awareness. Then, it all starts to get harder. But we should have the will of keeping this kindess or recovering it, because this kindness is our true core.
Too many times, we end up with our nerves jaded, and maybe this happens because any thing is wrong in the way we live and specially in the way we treat each other. There is such a few time! And mostly we waste it as if we had all the eternity to live. Time is precious and we have to use it to deeply live, to deeply love, to deeply create. Someday we’ll leave naked and we will take just wh…


On the pleasant shore of the universe, there’s a strange being who thinks that he is the center of the existence. He has a treasure, but he doesn’t realize. Around him, beauty and mistery. 
In fact, this strange being called human being is deeply atracted by the mistery. As a curious mind, he loves searching and seeking answers. But many times his pulsions compels him to rush, fight, hate, fear... This poor devil has not chosen to live like this. Something, or someone, has put him in front of the cruel laws of the biology. He has to eat living beings to survive. He has to kill either vegetables or animals. Williy-nilly, he has to destroy other lives to keep himself alive. And, as I have already written, he has not chosen this situation. Sometimes, this strange being sits down and think; and he feels he loves, he feels every human being is infinitely worth. And this awareness just happens sometimes, when the power of the pulsions stops and the mind of this being is clear and clean. In…

Fumbling along a bit...

Ets tu! from Jere Soler on Vimeo.

Sometimes, I fumble along a bit the hidden beauty of existence. In that moments I hear sounds and I feel melodies like birds flying, or waves pumping into the beach.  I made this song during the last summer, and It is a message that wind talks to human beings. It is a poem about the sea and the freedom too. I hope you like it.

The dark time

Image of Mario Modesto Mata from the wikipedia
. During the dictatorship of Franco, Spain was a land of legal murders and children's torture. The ideological heirs of Franco have still the power and refuse seeing into the criminal responsibility of that time. They even make fun of the people who was killed.
I’m going to write about the teachers of my parents. All that I’m going to explain is concerned with the teachers of my parents and generally the teachers of that time. They used to use fear to convince the children. By terrorizing them, they got their obedience. During their childhood, those adults had been scared by authoritarian teachers, and they had grown up learning that their world was a wild forest of miserable people, and that only discipline and catholic education could save them from human hell. When Franco took power they discovered themselves as teachers, and they applied what they had learnt according to the ideology of the time. As children they learnt that if t…

Vine and thoughts

A free mind will unroll an endless succession of magnificent possibilities. The completeness of our life will be transformed when we decide to release our mind, live in a free way, and reach our highest dreams. Give yourself a dream, and you’ll be giving yourself a reason to live. Our mind’s change will open up whole new worlds for us. Now it’s time to sit up in our chairs; it is even a time to stand up, and walk, and move award, and be brave, and peaceful. Many people is given to decaying, drifting by the seamares, giving up, being torpid, depressing by what they feel as a nonsense life. We have our treasure inside us, in the way we see our life, but we have to go ahead and breath the clean air of the wild landscape. The wild landscape is the book where we can read the secret of the happiness, our «homesoul», the mother of our blood. We had scarcely been born when somebody decided to prevent our lives from wallowing in the wild nature, in the mud, in the cold water, in the earth... …

The leaves that fall.

Green and red twilight  during the last instants of the day. I know where my ashes will rest; beside the roots, wallowing into the mud, swallowing drops of life and breath.
This will is not an attack or a despise, but the true wish of a dying soul. I don't want dogmas of tortures and redemptions, just the love and the bless of an awesome Earth. People who love me know  where my ashes will rest, and this yearning is not an incitement  or a provocation. A little part of me,  clean and mineral, will symbolize what I will have been, what I will have loved. But my mind will stay  with those who I love, for ever and ever. 

Our main God

There will come back the leprechauns, the fairies rings, the Morrigan, beyond the hills, under the clouds, when rain is back and dew is pure, we will recover the freedom’s pace, without the death’s machines of fear. Our god is green and made of land; I’ve seen its face in every man, in every woman, in every child, in every song, in every smile. Above the homeland of my soul, we’ll worship life deeply again, and we’ll proclaim that every person is our main God and our main chant.


There are songs that have a strange power inside. These are songs who hide the secret of the human core. When I hear them, and when at once I see the face of some young people, I understand that all is for good, that the future will bring us a victory, and that this victory will be for everybody; even the lost sons and daughters of the darkness will reach this victory. We are all like children fumble along a bit, through the night, and we all need a true and deep love, further than the poor empire of sensations and pulses. We are all children of the existence and we deeply need each other.  We arrive to the Earth with our heart full of treasures. A little bit of the wisdom of the world whence we come keeps inside us when we arrive. Year after year, human society beats this treasure and turn us into beasts. We usually come from universe understanding all we need to understand. But a strange seed that we have in the blood of our veins compells us to change, and to be less than we are. So..…


When I was born, they had already decided how I should be, what I must do, what I had to believe, how I was going to dress, to speak, to smile, to walk, to look... They designed a world to turn me into a sheep, a good and obedient sheep, a beautiful and traditional sheep. They drafted glorious declarations of honour and dignity to dress up the slavery in which all the sheeps were going to live. The sheeps were born, grew up, worked, married, had children, got old and finally died. The sheeps only thought to unwind from their tedious lives. Their thoughts were tolerated if they were silent and quiet. The sheeps were allowed to enjoy culture and arts if they priorized the needs of the productive system. There were big stadiums where the sheeps were able to shout and scream like crazy beings to unwind from their apparent empty lives. Sometimes some sheeps were different. Sometimes some sheeps were black. Sometimes some sheeps were not like they were supposed to be. Everybody needs a li…

It is as if it was necessary not to be humans to be survivours

While I was sweeping my room, they built a wall in Calais. While I was singing at home, they decided to lock the door of Europe. While I was growing up, they prepared the new Europe made of concret and iron. While I was dreaming of a white christmas, they managed to turn Christmas time into the most lucrative trade It has ever existed. While they were teaching me to be obedient, I started to be blind. While they were scaring me by talking to me about hells and devils, I started to be a slave. While they were designing the main lines of the educational system, I became a product of their civilitation. And again, while I was sweeping my room, they arised a concret's wall in Tijuana, in Ceuta, in Greece... May be its because we priorize the shine of our houses that the walls are arising all over the world. -You are a ripping citizen, because you work in a bank -he told me. And I believed in him. But while I was being happy by working in a bank, some people were losing their houses b…

Our hidden paradise

Children know that the only good attitude in learning process is not fearing of making oneself ridiculous.

Some people think that all in life is a competition. For instance, when they are drawing or painting, they always compare themselves with the great masters of painting, and many times they feel themselves as losers. And when other people are drawing, (and mostly the other people don't draw as good as them) they compare these other people with the great masters of painting too, and most times they criticize them and tell them to drop this hobby because they say they make themselves ridiculous. People that despise those who are not genius can't assume the painting or any other hobby just as a pleasure, or just as a way of enjoying... or expressing oneself... or being in life. They think that all the people have the same sense of ridiculous they have, because they consider that all the things we decide to do in life must be tools to win, to beat, to look, to captivate, to dazzle... They live as if life was a showcase where the genius should be contemplated and admired, and they…

My first song of this summer.

I made this song few days ago. 
It would be what the wind would say to the human being if he could.
I decided to sing it in the nature even though the quality of the sound is not as good as it would be indoor. But I think it is more natural.

White of the foam on the deep blue sea. This white taken by the power of the pure and clean wind's blowing. This wind that is «in love».
The Wind stops and then moves again. It dies and then it is alive again. It arrives to mainland and laughs when it sees the golden wisps of hair of the children.
Human being! When did you learn to read and understand the pines dance of the paradise?
You are really you!
You're good looking! You were drawn through the bright line that the Earth usually sketches.
Your skin is the dress that nature gave you. I ruffle your salty hair. And I realize you're wind as I am.
You are really you!
You're crazy, human being! Why do you sell such a lot of hapiness? You were snatched from the forests and the Earth, and …

The love I will have given... The smiles I will have achieved... The time I wil have shared...

Death always looks so bad! And losing dear people is sad, indeed! Specially when they go too young. We can try to avoid the sad face of death, but we should try to watch further, and accept the natural rules of game. The death that we have to understand is the natural death, not the unfair death of wars or hates, nor the unsuitable death of young people. We are not going to be friends of the cruel deaths of so many people who pass away out of line. We have to work for a world without the unbearable deaths of those who should be still alive. But the quiet death of old and illl people even seem down right friendly sometime; a death at the end of the life when the wisdom of a deep lifelong has been transmited to all the people that he or she loves. In the beginning, death, whenever it comes, just shows its ugly face, until you get to know it a little bit better. But nobody likely would be able to born (future babies) if those who are alive never died, and human species would not keep ev…

How many sunsets have you watched in your life? How many times have you played in the mud?

I've been living in this planet for forty seven years, almost forty eight, and all this time I have been enjoying the beauty of the little things. Right across town, beyond the green hills, near the sea, or even in the darkness of a room... I've been discovering new images as if they were new continents. Everybody seeks a way of living, and when anyone speaks about «the way of living», he or she is really talking about the way of surviving. No one understands life as a chance to enjoy, to create, to learn, to try, to play, to share, and specially to be free. -What do you do in life? -someone asks somebody. -I'm running the feedstore. -Oh very good! You're a lucky man. No one asks about happiness or goals or poetry or hope. Once, I made a decission, an essential decission. This decission was not allowing anybody to make me believe in groundless ideas, in groundless morality, in any unjustified dogma. Human world is full of believes that are really chains; chains tha…

Poor human being

He plays to be an angel, and thinks he really is, but he is just a little puppet, slave and full of bliss. His happiness is light dust flying in the wind; a mirage in his poor mind of tribal steam. Nasty blows of hazing, dressed up in peace, under bright appearances, he stings like a bee. He works just for his swarm According a main wish the will of the thin strings
that move the puppet's swing.

Nudeness and teenagers

Maybe it's because I'm a father of a teenager that I deeply know the mind's attitude of the teenagers who live in a nudist environment during the summer. I'm grateful to nature powers for the gift of not living chained to any social taboo, and the chance to teach my children to love wild nature, starting with their own body and mind. The teenagers of this environments are 12, 13, 14... until 17 years old. In these places that people call «naturist», nudeness is not tied to eroticism, but rooted in a natural, familiar and friendly, sense. These characteristic produces a feeling of calm and normality. Adults and children are usually always naked, however sometimes teenagers put a swimsuit on, or take a swimsuit off, when they want. They like often change their image, and by their view, clothing is not a way of hiding their bodies but a tool that they use to adapt their image to what they feel in every moment. They usually strip to swim, play with the waves, sunbath, walk…

Amazing Grace! Thanks!

Hi! I've been living a strong days of working and managing... and maybe it's because I've been so busy that I've spent many time without blogging. Henceforth I'll try to publish more often. By now, I post this song I sang last week in a garden of a lovey village of Catalonia.

. . .

Beach time...

Green green grass of home

"At home", a short film shown in "El Rotllo d'en Roig"; a Short Film's Festival from Vilanova i la Geltrú

Today is the International day of the Refugees. I post here this short film that we did last week, and that was shown in "El Rotllo d'en Roig", a Short Film's Festival from Vilanova i la Geltrú.

For the good times...

To Krystyna Trzesniewska

Majdan Królewski 

The green of your land is alive as your name is alive in my heart. Because your life was so sacred that suddenly I worship it right now. Every human being is a God who ignores his own divinity. The true God turns into every mistreated human being. Whenever my life gets me so down, and my way is destroyed by causes that I can't control; I'll think of you, and your dignity, and your hope. I'll feel you near, I'll declare that you are worth and adorable. And I'll strongly advance towards the country of the freedom. And I'll pay tribute to your life with my courage and my struggle. The forgotten children of the death and injustice will remain in our minds for ever as stars; milions of persons like you, young and bright.  Live your life through mine, I'll share it with you. And we will fight for freedom and happiness. Fascism will be defeated for ever.
Majdan Królewski 

Majdan Królewski 

Majdan Królewski 

Majdan Królewski 

Majdan Królewski 

Majdan Królewski…

The imperfection is the identity of the beings, and (after all) their beauty

The natural colors of the city. The line and the light. The details. The dirt poetry, with its core drenched in humanity. The alive niff of the colors. That which is alive spreads a natural niff that in any sense is deeply beautiful, and we can't trap this beauty. This beauty is invisible when the aseptic minds watch it. The light, the orderliness and the chaos. The beauty of the alive imperfection. If we look at all the dead things of the world, it turns out that only the lovely imperfect things are alive. The imperfection is the identity of the beings, and (after all) their beauty. The chaos is the main performer of the beauty every time it destroys the dead perfection of the utilitarianist obsession of the Homo sapiens. The chaos save us from the ugliness of the status quo, and it beautifies the humdrum perfection of the orderliness, the humdrum perfection of that which is only valued for its utility.
We need shadows, cracks, moistures, dirtiness, astringency... and an entropy…