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Our toes hide the secret to the humankind's survival.

The shape of every human being hides a light inside. As the iceberg conceals a huge part of itself, every human being conceals his or her own core, the vastest part of himself or herself. We are not ants in an immense ant-hill. Every nice face is the deepest human connection's tool to express a little bit of all what human mind can feel, think, imagine, love, share... We are not just a tiny piece of the animal kingdom; we are living seeds; everyone is a possibility, a chance, the cosmic hope, the point where the universe knows and loves itself. We are born to love and being loved. Universe offers us the chance to survive and evolve to arriving to the minds meeting.

Thinking about our world, our civilization, I see that the last factor of Drake's equation shows the great difficulty of surviving enough time to connecting with any other civilization. Some thousands turtles are born in many south pacific beaches, but only one or two can grow and reach the adult phase of their ex…

Having a swim in Jaizkibel

The stones of the shore are grey, like ash, like faded and light blue dust. The whole landscape seems a moon's valley, but with the sea, and with the pine's wood, and with the wet wind of the Cantabric sea. Everywhere loneliness. Everywhere nature's sounds. Many people haven't got the guts to come here, because here they find themselves; they got lost once, and they could find themselves here. And many people don't know they got lost once. A frog in a cauldron feels good; the water is still warm and soft; the frog forgets the deep and good sensation of the cold water because it feels good in the warm water. But the water is progressively hotter. Suddenly, the water is far too hot and the frog has no time to rectify. The frog didn't know it was lost. Many frogs haven't got the guts to leave the water when it is warm. Here, in this wild and isolated place of Jaizkibel, people can find themselves. However, considering the fact that everybody carries what he …

We are in a fit state to decide our own evolution

At noon, the day shrieks under the sun, as if it was alive, as if it was a person. The hotest moment of the day shrieks like a crying girl who misses her life, her dreams, a delightful place to stay and to enjoy. When this happens, life travellers must roll over and go to the golden city, to the town where the palms grow up towards the sky and the wind moans in the night. Sometimes everybody needs to change the direction of the travel of his or her life, specially when the mistake is obvious. However, many old foggeys stay stranded in their delirious. They writh watching the freedom of the new generations as if the world should have been frozen by the old stoned ideas, the old views, the old fears... The lazy attittude of the foggeys is like the sultry pace of the cowards. We can't be alive if we are not ready to take risks. If we don't dare to accept the possibility of being defeated, we are never going to win. When we leave the amazing and throbbing sense of the life, we …

Love is the medicine that cures all

"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools." - Martin Luther King, Jr
Every person has an infinite value and dignity despite his or her acts or words, and every person must be loved, with an objective and real unlimited love. I'm talking about the love in its genuine sense. The love is not always linked to the feelings or to the rewards. The love is only tied to the unconditional will of good for the person we love and for everybody. 
Every person has such a great value that no one could quantify it. This infinite value exists in spite of the ideas, opinions or feelings of milions of persons. The hate never is right not even when this hate emerges from milions of persons. The value and the dignity of every person is infinite whatever be the details of his or her character, of his or her acts, of his or her ideas, of his or her words.
And the actions of a person could be (or not to be) suitable acts because of his or her infinite dignity. If the …

Tribute to Jim MacCann (COVER)

Sung beside the sea.
It is a tribute to Jim MacCann who died on March 5, 2015. He was a great Irish Singer and I encourage you to seek, to listen and to read about this artist.
It could be also a tribute to Grace Gifford, who got married with Joseph Plunkett, a boy that was killed few hours after the weedding, for having taken part in the Easter Risen in 1916.
It could be a tribute to the authors of the song too, Sean and Frank O'Meara.
I wish peace and democracy to be the key of the conflict's resolution, and I wish all you the best! . . .

Playing in the corn's field...

At noon, or in the sunset, running and hiding in the deep and narrow spaces of a wide corn's field... this pursuit is a great pleasure. We enjoy the colours, the textures, the sense of mistery, the magical staging of a real place, of a alive spot, full of strange sounds, like the wind's moan.
The sky burns and the stars get born. There is a strange silence, nuanced with living breathes. Here you are a little bit of what I felt yesterday.