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The best way of starting the first week of june

I heard this song sung by Manu Chao, and I learnt a little bit about rythm. I discovered that rythm is not only a pace to sing a song but also a way of life. Life has the colour we feel inside of us. I hope you like...

A little video of my first 2015 beach day.

Motion and sounds of nature.

I'm not European, I'm mediterranean.

Did you know that I'm not really european? Because I'm what I am, and I am not what powerful ones wants me to believe I am. Because, in spite their speech, Europe is not the oasis of freedom, and USA either is not. Almost all of what Europe Union wants us to believe is a lie. And so... they need to make us believe it. If it was true, they wouldn't need to make us believe it, because it would be obvious, and they wouldn't need to do any effort. I'm probably not an European because I've read the leaflets that the European Union publishes to show the wide range of languages that people speak in Europe on their daily lives, and I haven't read anything about Catalan (at least, in the leaflets I've read). And I speak Catalan, so... probably I'm not an european. In fact, over six millions people speak Catalan... but European Union leaflets don't say even a word about them.
My land is made of holm oaks trees, and rosemaries, and low tops, and conglomerate…

The knowledge and the assumption of the human body frees the persons from being upset.

"Explain to the people of your country that those who have been prevented from seeing the naked human's body feel on themselves the call of the sex when they see a naked body. However, when we, the naturists, see a naked body, we don't discover a sexual reality but a pretty beautiful person. And this so precious image we see is just a flash that points towards a higher and still prettier reality. Every naked person we see announces to us the existence of a non visible being still more beautiful; a being full of dignity, of consciousness, of thought. The repression eroticises and obsesses, but instead the knowledge and the assumption of the human body frees the persons." . . .