Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Our society is trapped in the quick-sands of fear

Scott Fitzgerald would writte «the bright tan prayer rug of a beach» to express a feeling that it hardly can be expressed.
When we talk about natural beauty we are really talking about our mother, our origin, the source of our being; and not only of our body but our inmost being. The shape of our naked body reveals the paintbrush of a misterious beauty. Here we are a reality beyond the physical interest or the material sensations. Sadly, some people who approach to naturism are trapped on the surface of the matter. We have an iceberg and some times we think that the ice is just the ice mountain outside the sea. What we see dazzles us, but some times it also blinds us.
On the other side, we have a society fearing its own being; a society that wears a mask. Where is your voice, society, when you talks as if what you say was the script of a perfect play? Why do you fear your natural voice? Who does tell the truth if everybody says what society wants to hear?
I often experience an empty sense of sadness when I realise that society lays its foundations over strict relation's rules and severe habits of hidding, instead of exploring the hopeful potentiality of the human confidence and the human tenderness. The solution should be to change what is wrong in the human heart instead of hidding what is embarrassing, and society should realise that some embarrassing realities are not really embarrassing but naturals, and that we feel them embarrassing because we live in an artificious society, a society that has got far away from nature and from human tenderness.

We have the same problem with the physical nakedness. The more we hide the more our being turns into a sexual fetish. The more we assume the naked bodies as natural realities, the more we feel they are innocent and harmless realities. The more the society hides the naked human reality to the children, the more the young ones grow with the idea that ties the sex with the nakedness engraved on their minds likely for ever. The more a family enjoys in the nude at the beach, the more the children of that family are going to grow immunized from being upset or irremediably excited by the sight of a naked body.
So... society is trapped in the quick-sands of fear. The more it fears, the more it hides. The more it hides, the more it needs to hide, and the more it fears. The more it fears, the more it lies. The more it lies, the more it needs to lie, because the more it fears.

Society needs to open its educational system and make up leeway. We are human being, and not insects or wild beasts. We have to have confidence on human beings. The shortcomings of some human beings have not to be the reason for the repression or the diminution of the freedom. We will not live as human beings if we are not free. And we will not be free if society uses the lies as a tool of the relationships, and if it hides and damns our own reality.    

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