Saturday, November 28, 2015

Neither exercise junkies nor coach potatoes.

Image from Dr. Klara in wikipedia.  Two girls hiking in sham valley, Leh-Ladakh, India.  

Many people eat and drink in an excessive way over the NY period, and feel guilty about it. Because of this bad feeling, they get a gym membership in January. In February, most people lose motivation and hardly visit the gym. This desertion keeps going on during the next months, and then peopl start to feel guilty again, because they are paying every month for a service they don't use.

However, they are not going to cancel their membership because they wouldn't be able to stand the sense of defeat that this surrender would mean.

So gyms exploit this sequence of obsesive and neurotic guilth's feelings and earn a very interesting amount of money.

In fact, there are three kinds of people if we think about the human relation with fitness.

Coach Potatoes: those are the people who hate practicing sport and who dream of sinking in a fluffy sofa for hours while they stare at the rain pouring outside the window.

The exercise junkies: namely the people who can't survive without several hours of daily sport.

The sane sportmen and sportwomen. (do they exist?): they are those who practise regular and moderate excercise; those who exercise through daily activities. Probably, they don't need to go to a gym, because walking and running are free and economic activities.

In fact, studies show that this third option is the healthiest, because too much exercise reduces the number of white cells, and because too much aerobic exercises releases dangerous free radicals, and of course, because a sedentary life increases the cholesterol and the risk of heart diseases.

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