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The nature of my homeland in autumn.

I've made these  photographies some minutes ago. I have always thought that living so near of the nature is a great privilege. The landscape of my homeland is a natural museum of awesome beauty. Specially, in autumn, it is an explossion of colours and light. I don't want to write any word more. I let you to enjoy these images.  Greetings!  

I'm a rambler (Cover)

The President of Catalonia that was killed by Spanish Government.

Lluis Companys i Jover, the President o Catalonia, was killed by Spanish Government, the October 15, 1940, in a judgement delivered by the judicial system of the former Spanish Dictatorship.  The Spanish Authorities, (with the help of the gestapo) captured him in France, and took him prisoner to Madrid where he was tortured. Then, they took him to Barcelona, were he was killed in the Montjuich Castle.  No Spanish Government has ever wanted to retract that awfulness. 

A President of a Nation declaring in court for having wanted to let people express their opinion in a non binding referendum

The political party of Artur Mas, the President of Catalonia, and his allied parties, won the elections of the last september 27, and won by absolute majority. The process of independence that these parties defended goes on, but the dark hand of Spanish Government tries to stifle the voice of the people with dishonest tricks, like the obstruction of the votes of the catalan people who lived abroad, or the imputation of the president for having put the ballot boxes in the banned referendum of the last november 9. Catalan society is upset for this fact: a President of a Nation declaring in court for having wanted to let people express their opinion in a non binding referendum, the same day that other president (Lluís Companys) was murdered by Spain, in 1940; the only European elected President that has been shot by a dictatorial state.The imputation of Artur Mas shows the authoritarian character of the spanish political system, a system that emerged from the last dictatorship, a system …

All I've learned about what I don't like of bumbling attitudes. The sense of the dignity.

The pursuit of studying and learning minority languages doesn't steal any space nor time to the learning of controlling languages, but it increases the human capacity to open itself towards new linguistic structures, and so, it makes easier the process of learning new languages. The pursuit of studying and learning minority languages is a gesture of respect towards the cultures and the peoples who live that languages, and therefore it is a deep and true respect's gesture towards all the human languages and cultures.
Our only absolute postulates must be the rights of every people; and not the laws and the rules that one day were drafted and that some years later lapsed. The rules and the laws are never perfect, we must improve them generation after generation. We must adapt them and subject them to the only essential reality, the needs and the rights of every people. And the rights and the needs of every people are the rights and the needs of the persons of every people.
The law m…