Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Some American congressmen have expressed their support to the right of Catalonia to decide.

According to various newspapers, today, several U.S. congressman have expressed their support to the right of Catalan people to decide if they want to stay in spanish state or if instead, they want to become an independent state.
The Republican Dana Rohrabacher has said that everywhere people should have the right to decide about what state and what government they want to have. He has said that he sees no reason why catalan people not to be able to make their own decision about staying in Spain or leaving. He has said that they wish the best for the Catalan people, and that they have the right to vote and decide. He has added that he would like to say to the Spanish Government that the best solution is to let the people to make their own decisions, and to let them the possibility of remaining freely inside Spain instead of forcing them, because impositions produce resentment and bad feelings, and undermine the feeling of unity that a country needs.

In the same way, Mario Diaz-Balart, a republican legislator, expressed that always must prevail the right to decide and the right to express the will of the society. The legislator Ros-Lehtinen, and Carlos Cubelo also agreed. Cubelo said that the Scotish referendum could be a good precedent to follow.  

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