Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Freedom Catalonia!

"For ourselves and our children. The hour has come. All that I have, all that I am, and all that I hope, in this life, ..
while I live, let me have a country... A free country..."

John Adams

I will never want to be in a place where they don't let me leave.
The more they threaten me with all the pests if I don't want to stay inside, the more I wish to go outside.
If I can't decide to leave you, I don't want to be with you.
The more you fear me with your dire predictions about my future without you, because you want to force me to stay beside you, the more I fear to be with you.
I will never be in any place where I'm not allowed to leave.
And if anytime I am in such a kind of place, I'll be always a prisoner, and I'll always want to run away.  

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The polls and the hope, the votes and the eagerness, the will and the peace, to reach the right to be, the right to walk down the road to where our freedom is.

America, United Kingdom, Australia... You have showed to the world that in the XXI century you don't be afraid of freedom.
Has any part of your state asked for an independence referendum? Mostly not. Because all the parts of your state want to belong to your state. They feel loved and respected inside the big state. Even in Canada, or in U.K, people decided to stay in the big state, when their democratic governments accepted the democratic path of polling. Neither Canada nor U.K were afraid of accepting a referendum, because these countries are deeply democratic, and because they believe in freedom.  And Scotland and Quebec decided freely to remain in U.K and Canada. This was the victory of the freedom and the democracy, and this was the victory of the peace too, because the borders of these states were decided not by the power of the violence but through democratic and peaceful tools.
In Spanish state there is a captive nation called Catalonia. This nation is captive because he can't decide its future. Threats, gag laws, contempts and snubs to the catalan language, ban of Catalan language in Europe, ban of referendums to decide the future, forbiddance of using the word nation in catalan laws to refer to Catalonia, abusive dispossession of benefits generated by catalan corporations, imposition of educational strategies by spanish state without respect to the Catalan educational system.
So far Catalonia has survived by begging a recognition; but the moment of the freedom has arrived.
Henceforth we are going to exist without begging recognition, because we are a  nation, and because we don't want to be a slave country.
Three centuries ago, we lost a war, and Spain worked hard to destroy us as a culture and as a country. But now, next sunday, we will win a pacific and democratic battle, using the polls and the hope, the votes and the eagerness, the will and the peace, to reach the right to be, the right to walk down the road to where our freedom is.
We only ask you, American, British, Australian, to the whole democratic world... to give us moral support, international recognition... to explain everything that happens here... to love the rights of the small and prisoner nations, to make statements not thinking about economical interests but thinking about human rights, human justice, freedom, democracy and peace, and to work as brothers and sisters for the right to decide of every nation because only the states that are freely united deserve to stay united. 
Next sunday, Catalan elections will give us the answer.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

I'll be seeing you... (Cover)

Above us, beside us, perhaps behind us... 
someone is seeing us, each of us... 
In the hardest moments of our life, in the sadness, or in the joy, or in the happiness...
Someone is staring us, loving us, helping us...
Have you ever noticed it?
Me too.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Some American congressmen have expressed their support to the right of Catalonia to decide.

According to various newspapers, today, several U.S. congressman have expressed their support to the right of Catalan people to decide if they want to stay in spanish state or if instead, they want to become an independent state.
The Republican Dana Rohrabacher has said that everywhere people should have the right to decide about what state and what government they want to have. He has said that he sees no reason why catalan people not to be able to make their own decision about staying in Spain or leaving. He has said that they wish the best for the Catalan people, and that they have the right to vote and decide. He has added that he would like to say to the Spanish Government that the best solution is to let the people to make their own decisions, and to let them the possibility of remaining freely inside Spain instead of forcing them, because impositions produce resentment and bad feelings, and undermine the feeling of unity that a country needs.

In the same way, Mario Diaz-Balart, a republican legislator, expressed that always must prevail the right to decide and the right to express the will of the society. The legislator Ros-Lehtinen, and Carlos Cubelo also agreed. Cubelo said that the Scotish referendum could be a good precedent to follow.  

Saturday, September 5, 2015

People want to live

C.C. BY 3.0 Wikipedia Ghoutta Massacre.

Yours, mine... From here, from there... All these are fictional concepts. 
People don't want to die, and this is what matters. People want to live. And even more, people want their sons and daughters to keep alive.
Now is the time to say not only that we are a city host, or a state host, but to say that we have an empty house or an empty room to welcome a refugee family or a refugee person. 
Now is the time to require the people not to attach importance to the figures of the current accounts. Now is the time to request the people (and the peoples) to consider human life (every human life) as the most valuable.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Mrs Merkel, tear down this wall!

Mrs Merkel

You, Europe, German... have built a high wall between the North and the South. This wall have grown for centuries, but now it is high and cold. This wall is the wall of the money, the strong border that defends the north's wealth. Europe is being built upon the rule of the free movement of capital, and all the chains are for the people. The protection of the great fortunes is prioritized against the persons needs, and millions of people die and suffer because of the coldness of this system. Everybody has seen human heads floating in a cold sea, because these souls needed to run away from the war. And now I want to remember that German and other european countries have sold weapons to many states, and some of the purchaser states are at war with others.
Some weeks ago, on TV, you denied a young girl the prospect of success, and you made her cry. That was cruel and real, but, in fact, that was just a symbol, because your policy, the policy of the European barons, is making many people cry, and soffer, and even die.
Mrs Merkel, tear down this wall!
And changing a bit the words that Ronald Reagan said once in your country, for I join you, as I join your fellow countrymen in the North, in this firm, this unalterable belief: Es gibt nur ein Human Kind. [There is only one Human Kind.]
And still changing Reagan words, I say that in the South of our beloved Europe, stands a wall that encircles the free sectors of the Earth, part of a vast system of barriers that divides the entire humanity. From Ceuta, in the south, those barriers cut across the world in a gash of barbed wire, concrete, dog runs, and guard towers. In some spots, there may be no visible, no obvious wall. But there remain armed guards and checkpoints all the same. Still a restriction on the right to travel, still an instrument to impose upon ordinary men and women the will of a totalitarian economic system.
And even though Ronald Reagan had no my ideas, nor my political point of view, I want to recover here his great words when he said that standing before the Brandenburg Gate, every man is a German, separated from his fellow men. Every man is a Berliner, forced to look upon a scar. In the same sense I could say that staring the tragedy of the poverty, eveyone is a human being separated from his or her fellow men or women. Every man is a Berliner, forced to look upon a poverty's scar.
And it was President Reagan who said that the German question is open as long as the Brandenburg Gate is closed. As long as the gate is closed, as long as this scar of a wall is permitted to stand, it is not the German question alone that remains open, but the question of freedom for all mankind. In the same sense I could say that the migratory question is open as long as the wall you are holding is closed. As long as the wall is closed, as long as this scar of a wall is permitted to stand, it is not the migratory question alone that remains open, but the question of freedom for all mankind.
And nothing to add when Reagan said: Freedom leads to prosperity. Freedom replaces the ancient hatreds among the nations with comity and peace. Freedom is the victor. We welcome change and openness; for we believe that freedom and security go together, that the advance of human liberty can only strengthen the cause of world peace.
And using only some words of Reagan and changing others:
There is one sign Europe can make that would be unmistakable, that would advance dramatically the cause of freedom and peace. Mrs Merkel, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for Europe and for the world, if you seek freedom for every human being: Open this gate! Mrs Merkel, tear down this wall!
This wall will fall. Beliefs become reality. Yes, across Europe, this wall will fall. For it cannot withstand faith; it cannot withstand truth. The wall cannot withstand freedom.

And although I have started recovering some Reagan words, I'm finishing with the words of another great president, closer to my ideas. President Kennedy said all free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin, and, therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words "Ich bin ein Berliner!" Today we could say the same, changing just one word: All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of a society where people are worth more than money, and, therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words "Ich bin ein Einwanderer!" "Ich bin ein freier mann!" “Ich bin ein menschlich”
And finally, I want to recall some words that you pronounced about Catalonia and Spain some days ago, when you said that every government must obey the political agreements. I just want to reply that sometimes there has not been any agreement but imposition. Sometimes the national laws have been drafted while swords were sharpening. Sometimes there have been a bloody war, and sometimes the winners of that war have said: “we are going to destroy and burn any signal of this state, so that nobody ever reminds that they once existed as a nation”. Sometimes, many times, rules, laws... have despised the deep essence of a nation, its language, its culture, its self-government... Many times, we are not speaking about agreements but about impositions. Mrs Merkel, doesn't allow that the economic reasons stifle the main objective of any honest statesman (or stateswoman), the freedom of the persons and the peoples.
Let democracy talk. Let freedom talk. Up above war treaties.

Mrs Merkel, tear down this wall, and the other too!   
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