Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Our toes hide the secret to the humankind's survival.

The shape of every human being hides a light inside. As the iceberg conceals a huge part of itself, every human being conceals his or her own core, the vastest part of himself or herself. We are not ants in an immense ant-hill. Every nice face is the deepest human connection's tool to express a little bit of all what human mind can feel, think, imagine, love, share... We are not just a tiny piece of the animal kingdom; we are living seeds; everyone is a possibility, a chance, the cosmic hope, the point where the universe knows and loves itself. We are born to love and being loved. Universe offers us the chance to survive and evolve to arriving to the minds meeting.

Thinking about our world, our civilization, I see that the last factor of Drake's equation shows the great difficulty of surviving enough time to connecting with any other civilization. Some thousands turtles are born in many south pacific beaches, but only one or two can grow and reach the adult phase of their existence. In our own blood, we have the frantic trend to the violence and proud, the obsessive will of competing, owning and dominating, instead of the decision of cooperating and loving. Thinking on the whole universe, and on the precedent millenia, I realise that the species that overcome their primitive features will survive. Our toes are useless and clumsy, we don't need them, but many time ago, our ancestors used them to grip the trees limbs. We left the trees thousands years ago and then our toes started a degradation process till their present condition. We must do the same with some of our psychic phenotypes, with our violent psychic features, and with all the psychic features that are bound to lead us to disaster. We can decide the luck of our descendants.    

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