Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Our toes hide the secret to the humankind's survival.

The shape of every human being hides a light inside. As the iceberg conceals a huge part of itself, every human being conceals his or her own core, the vastest part of himself or herself. We are not ants in an immense ant-hill. Every nice face is the deepest human connection's tool to express a little bit of all what human mind can feel, think, imagine, love, share... We are not just a tiny piece of the animal kingdom; we are living seeds; everyone is a possibility, a chance, the cosmic hope, the point where the universe knows and loves itself. We are born to love and being loved. Universe offers us the chance to survive and evolve to arriving to the minds meeting.

Thinking about our world, our civilization, I see that the last factor of Drake's equation shows the great difficulty of surviving enough time to connecting with any other civilization. Some thousands turtles are born in many south pacific beaches, but only one or two can grow and reach the adult phase of their existence. In our own blood, we have the frantic trend to the violence and proud, the obsessive will of competing, owning and dominating, instead of the decision of cooperating and loving. Thinking on the whole universe, and on the precedent millenia, I realise that the species that overcome their primitive features will survive. Our toes are useless and clumsy, we don't need them, but many time ago, our ancestors used them to grip the trees limbs. We left the trees thousands years ago and then our toes started a degradation process till their present condition. We must do the same with some of our psychic phenotypes, with our violent psychic features, and with all the psychic features that are bound to lead us to disaster. We can decide the luck of our descendants.    

Friday, August 21, 2015

Having a swim in Jaizkibel

The stones of the shore are grey, like ash, like faded and light blue dust. The whole landscape seems a moon's valley, but with the sea, and with the pine's wood, and with the wet wind of the Cantabric sea. Everywhere loneliness. Everywhere nature's sounds. Many people haven't got the guts to come here, because here they find themselves; they got lost once, and they could find themselves here. And many people don't know they got lost once.
A frog in a cauldron feels good; the water is still warm and soft; the frog forgets the deep and good sensation of the cold water because it feels good in the warm water. But the water is progressively hotter. Suddenly, the water is far too hot and the frog has no time to rectify. The frog didn't know it was lost. Many frogs haven't got the guts to leave the water when it is warm.
Here, in this wild and isolated place of Jaizkibel, people can find themselves. However, considering the fact that everybody carries what he really is every place he or she goes, it turns out that if many people came here, they probably would find their own curses, their own cages.

But now we are all sitting here, on a rock, beside the ocean. I embrace the guitar and start to sing along. Then I take off all my clothes and have a swim. I swim a little bit and then I sunbath on a hot stone. Afterwards I take the guitar again and sing “The Yellow Rose of Texas” . The sun shines strongly, the sea's water sparkles and I have a swim again. My daughter dives too. We feel free, but we don't think about this; we don't think we feel free; we just feel free. Somebody could say that I am a naturist or that I am practising naturism but all is more simple; I am just free. That's all. I don't need to belong to any group nor to wear any label on my back to do what I like to do. I'm just a man in the nature; so, I'm just a man.

Breeze sweeps my skin, drenched in sea's water. I'm in a fit state to live in the present instant as if the time before now never had existed and if the future time was never going to come. But I don't think about this in this moment, I just live this situation without thinking of it. I experienced the dip in the present without thinking that I am diving in the present. We can't deeply enjoy the spontaneous experiences if we think that we are enjoying them. The life's core is deeply thoughtless.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

We are in a fit state to decide our own evolution

At noon, the day shrieks under the sun, as if it was alive, as if it was a person. The hotest moment of the day shrieks like a crying girl who misses her life, her dreams, a delightful place to stay and to enjoy.
When this happens, life travellers must roll over and go to the golden city, to the town where the palms grow up towards the sky and the wind moans in the night. Sometimes everybody needs to change the direction of the travel of his or her life, specially when the mistake is obvious. However, many old foggeys stay stranded in their delirious. They writh watching the freedom of the new generations as if the world should have been frozen by the old stoned ideas, the old views, the old fears... The lazy attittude of the foggeys is like the sultry pace of the cowards. We can't be alive if we are not ready to take risks. If we don't dare to accept the possibility of being defeated, we are never going to win. When we leave the amazing and throbbing sense of the life, we are already died.
The old death's carriage whirles around seeking old stranded men or women, looking for empty persons, coward ones, doleful human beings, wilted citizens... I'm not talking about biological death, but about living death. Living death is the death that dominates those who are afraid of being alive. The day in which anyone dies is the day in which anyone decides not learning any more lesson, not discovering any new land, not living any different experience, not dreaming of any amazing future.
We are alive when we decide siphoning off all our existencial fears into a deep and unlimited hope and curiosity.
The vital inspiration wells up from the strong will of going ahead, of peering across the life details, of sucking the existence's beauty, of learning creativity every life's instant. We have the privilege of being, and when we realize what the existence means, we can just be upset and shuddered.
When I was a young child my soul prickled; it wanted to vault over the black fences that demarcated its movements. Isticked out of the windows of my existence and stared at the wild landscape where my body had evolved. My scowling face received the fresh breeze of my country. The plunging way of life of my daily existence had wrought a grimace on the face of my soul. And now, musing, I think that even though every step of our lifes has a sense, I wouldn't like to back into that time. A child can do no more than obeying, because he (or she) has an absolute confidence on the adults, and every child considers adult's world as the best one. But adults are victims too; they have been moulded with the shape that intolerance decided for them. No one who has been sculpted with the rythm of the authoritarianism can be free. The odd thing about it is that nature has produced all these strange phenomenons. We live in an universe that allows the authority of some ones over some other ones. Competition is a tool of the evolution; and so, this is a strange universe; an universe that seems not made for us. We are consciousness with a strong trend towards the love. But if we love anyone, we feel that we must not defeat him or her. We know that we must not destroy anyone, we must not hate anyone... but respect his or her freedom and dignity. Love and vital competition are contradictory ideas, but they both dwell inside everybody. This is the seed of the human inner conflict. Yet, this contradiction doesn't justify desperation, nor sadness, nor violence, nor resignation. We shouldn't agree to accepting a violent way of existing. We can overcome our own way of being. We must overcome it. The future of the human civilitation depends on this surmounting. Every step in the history of Homo sapiens evolution has come after a deep and essential change. We are in a fit state to decide our own evolution. The adding of all the individual decisions will decide the future of human kind and the life of our descendants. Life is not like it is, life is like everyone makes it. We make the life, everyone makes his or her part of the life, everybody is a builder of the life, so... life is not like life is, life is like you make it, like I make it, like everybody makes it.
On the other hand, future is not in the stars, nor in the shape of the sheep guts, nor in the lines of the cafe's foam, nor in the tarot, nor in a glass ball... Future is not written, future is not decided, future is open and depends on many factors; the main factors are the work, the will, the effort, the mood, the hope, the self confidence... And there are other secondary factors like the chance, the coincidence, the random factor, the luck... But the most powerful luck is the endeavour.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Love is the medicine that cures all

"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools." - Martin Luther King, Jr

Every person has an infinite value and dignity despite his or her acts or words, and every person must be loved, with an objective and real unlimited love. I'm talking about the love in its genuine sense. The love is not always linked to the feelings or to the rewards. The love is only tied to the unconditional will of good for the person we love and for everybody. 

Every person has such a great value that no one could quantify it. This infinite value exists in spite of the ideas, opinions or feelings of milions of persons. The hate never is right not even when this hate emerges from milions of persons. The value and the dignity of every person is infinite whatever be the details of his or her character, of his or her acts, of his or her ideas, of his or her words.

And the actions of a person could be (or not to be) suitable acts because of his or her infinite dignity. If the persons didn't have dignity it would be natural acting without dignity. But because of his or her dignity, her or his acts must be right acts. But even though the acts of a person were not right acts, the dignity of this person would be infinitely great too; because the person is not her or his acts, the person (every person) is much more than her or his acts. Every person has born to love and to be loved.

Love is the medicine that cures all. And love can reach all his goals without limits or conditions, as long as these goals are positive. The only possible way of being for the Love is being unconditional. If love was not unconditional, it would betray itself. The essence of the love is being unconditional. Even though, sometimes, loving someone means turning away from someone. When we love we must face very different actions, sometimes approaching, sometimes turning away, sometimes rewarding (our children when they do well), sometimes punish them because we love them. But love is the door of the good towards the other people, and it dwells inside our deepest core. Many times love produces feelings, sweet and exciting feelings, but many times love also exists without feelings. The soft feelings are the flowers of the love. However, a plant can be alive without flowers, but a flower is dead without its plant. 

Here you have an example of how milions of persons can hate. Milions of persons, in spite of being a lot of people, are wrong, because everybody deserves be loved whatever their words be. Nobody has the right to judge anyone, and everybody, as a human being, must love each person, and respect each person with a real and objective love. Twitter can be a tool of injustice, and we must learn to live free of the opinions of others. Thanks to TED for this video:


Monday, August 10, 2015

Tribute to Jim MacCann (COVER)

Sung beside the sea.

It is a tribute to Jim MacCann who died on March 5, 2015. He was a great Irish Singer and I encourage you to seek, to listen and to read about this artist.

It could be also a tribute to Grace Gifford, who got married with Joseph Plunkett, a boy that was killed few hours after the weedding, for having taken part in the Easter Risen in 1916.

It could be a tribute to the authors of the song too, Sean and Frank O'Meara.

I wish peace and democracy to be the key of the conflict's resolution, and I wish all you the best!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Playing in the corn's field...

At noon, or in the sunset, running and hiding in the deep and narrow spaces of a wide corn's field... this pursuit is a great pleasure. We enjoy the colours, the textures, the sense of mistery, the magical staging of a real place, of a alive spot, full of strange sounds, like the wind's moan.

The sky burns and the stars get born. There is a strange silence, nuanced with living breathes. Here you are a little bit of what I felt yesterday. 
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