Friday, July 31, 2015

Familiar Hawaiian party in FKK beach.

We love the whimsical beauty of the nature's shapes. And we feel they are whimsical because we are far too far from Earth. If someday all the people live far away from the wild nature, I want to be the last person to be removed from paradise. We have the paradise near, but we look for the paradise beyond the commercial offers and consumerist fakes. The biggest treasure is having nothing but wild nature. We live too fast. We live too stressed. The way of life we assume is often depressing. One thing leads to another. 
Every summer, I manage to scape from the burning hell of ambition. I try to add a little bit of magic to my life. In these days it is customary for me to explore new ways of beauty, and to join nature, and to breath freely. Going back to the nature is like pulling a cork from the bottle of the purest wishes. 
In holydays, my family and I usually come out of the civilitation's vortex and try to set our life loose. Sometimes it looks as though there was no getting out of dark civilitation smokes. But the strongest power lies in the imagination. And therefore we walk down the road where freedom is.
Our staying in a natural spot, in a FKK beach, on a familiar environment, far away from any profit-seeking mind... means a liberation. 
Some days ago, in the night, we organized a familiar hawaiian party. We were thousands of miles away from Hawaii, of course, but suddenly we felt as we were there, probably because we have only one Earth, and anyway all is connected. We sang, we danced, we prayed to the nature's powers, to the beauty's goddess. We wished love for all the human kind. We burned all the black thoughts. At the end, when we blowed out the candles, we asked a desire with every extinguished candle. It was a fancy and magic party.

Now, we are in the civilitation again, but we'll try to stay awake, to stay aware... working to bring nature's beauty back to our everyday.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Much softer than any mirage your reason might elaborate...

Blue, green, gem's color, and the bronzish skin's tone that the Sun has loved, and the differential curve that time has established by the sheaf of genes and death.
Because the fact is that the death has sculpted the future; The death rapidly takes away the weakness that will never be transferred to children, the shapes Cosmos do not want, the ordination that doesn't worth.
The black angel of the nothingness is always forging the life, and life becomes stronger.
And the death has made the landscape of your skin as a gift for the life. And this landscape is the most beautiful landscape of all possible. And it is much softer than any mirage your reason might elaborate and your breath could ever design.
To be. Not to be. What I am is not the adjective that determines a code or a very specific act. I'm just a citizen, a primate, a person, someone as weak as you, someone who dreams dreams like you. What I am, is only me. And my people are the people that one day discover a dream, and that another day are not able to find it. I belong to the group of humans, and I see myself as one more monkey, a consciousness that thinks about the life from inside a body full of impulses.

The greatest fullness of beauty lays in the original Earth's landscape, especially in the times when we were not a plague yet; and this beauty lays in the invisible, and even greater, awareness too.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Conversations between a puritan and an ordinary man (I)

-What are you doing?
-But you are naked!
-Oh yes! But I'm on the beach!
-But naked!
-Yes, because I usually take all my clothes off when I want to have a sunbath or when I want to swim in the sea. And I usually dress when I stay in the city, or when I go to work... mainly in my daily life.
-Then... you're a naturist.
-Oh no... What I am has no any special name. I'm just a citizen, an ordinary citizen.
-Really? Mmm... I call you “naturist” because you take your clothes off... It's a rational conclusion...  Once I read in a book "The silence of the lambs" that if you skinned your humps, I'd call you Buffalo Bill. I suppose every attitude needs a name.  
-I suppose people need to put a label on every behaviour they consider strange... But I have no any strange behaviour. Look around you, there are many different people: families, groups of friends, parents, sons, daughters, grandparents, children, couples... Some of them are naked, some others have a swimsuit... Most of groups are mixed, with one or two naked persons and one or two dressed. Everyone does what everyone wants. Usually, none of them think about sex or about any erotic issue when they are naked on the beach or when they see naked people here. Of course, as in other kind of beaches, there will probably be a minority of confused people, but it is not usual.
-Of course! Here, people swim, play, have a sunbath... Here, a nose is as sexy as a bottom is. Every body is just a point in the nature that remember us that there is a consciousness, a person... When someone assume naked bodies as a natural and current reality, and as a part o a human person, morbidity disappears and we are like children again. So... I'm not a naturist.
-But do naturist people exist?
-Yes, of course! There are many people who understand nudity as a way of life, but it is not my case, and I think that It is not the case of most people. If you ask all this people to explain if they are naturist or not, most of them will probably answer that they don't. The main power of the habit of the beach's nakedness lies on the people who enjoy nature without clothes and without any philosophy... only because they feel good and free. 
-Do you confess this... "habit" (or whatever you call) to your friends or known persons? Do you hide it? What's your attitude like?
-I treat this "current detail" of my life as any other current detail. I don't hide it because it's not a wrong behavior and because it is a releasing way of enjoying nature. But I don't speak about it as if it was an exotic behaviour or a secret... because it is absolutely normal, at least in my country, at least so far. People who live the detail of the nudeness in the beach as it was a secret, as it was the sign of a strange comunity are condemnig this natural and universal freedom to the drawer of the strange and minoritaries social groups. As Homo sapiens, we have the right to relate with our natural image without the stilted disturbance that a dark education causes. We have the right to live in the nature with the natural dress that universe once designed for us, and we have the right to teach our sons and daughters the joy of this freedom. Everyone must be able to do what everyone wants as long as his or her acts don't decrease the freedom of any other person. Nature is the wisest power of the univers, and it has designed the softest and prettiest dress for the warm and natural situations: the skin.

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