Sunday, May 31, 2015

The best way of starting the first week of june

I heard this song sung by Manu Chao, and I learnt a little bit about rythm. I discovered that rythm is not only a pace to sing a song but also a way of life. Life has the colour we feel inside of us.
I hope you like...

Saturday, May 16, 2015

I'm not European, I'm mediterranean.

Did you know that I'm not really european? Because I'm what I am, and I am not what powerful ones wants me to believe I am. Because, in spite their speech, Europe is not the oasis of freedom, and USA either is not. Almost all of what Europe Union wants us to believe is a lie. And so... they need to make us believe it. If it was true, they wouldn't need to make us believe it, because it would be obvious, and they wouldn't need to do any effort.
I'm probably not an European because I've read the leaflets that the European Union publishes to show the wide range of languages that people speak in Europe on their daily lives, and I haven't read anything about Catalan (at least, in the leaflets I've read). And I speak Catalan, so... probably I'm not an european. In fact, over six millions people speak Catalan... but European Union leaflets don't say even a word about them.

My land is made of holm oaks trees, and rosemaries, and low tops, and conglomerate rocks... In my homeland, many people swim naked in the sea and sunbath naked in the beach in a free way, so far... They don't need to pay a ticket as in most naturist places of France, and they don't need to go to the jail, as it happens in many places of USA and in all the places of Iemen, Iran, Irak, Singapur...
Cultural promoters of the European Union ignore the literature of my culture, they don't speak about Joan Salvat Papasseit, or Miquel Martí i Pol, or Josep Pla, or Jaume Cabré... They only can see political states. By their point of view, only the political states there exist, and only the official languages of the political states have the right to be taken into account. So, I don't belong to this despiser Europe; I'm mediterranean, I'm catalan... I love my sea and my sky, I worship my culture, my language and my landscape... I love all the cultures of the world, even those cultures who have not any political power or any political state.

I'm not an european, because European Union has not cried for the drown immigrants of Lampedussa, or for all the drown deads of the Strait of Gibraltar. I'm not european because Africa and America have been plundered for centuries on behalf of Europe. Because for centuries, Europe businessmen have hunted and sold persons to do business. Because Europe has created a false debt; when Europe calculates this debt, Europe doesn't take in account what Europe have been stolen to the poors for decades: gold, diamants, wood, animals, and the blood of the daughters and the sons of the peoples of Africa, chained and sent to America to work as slaves. Some European fortunes proceed from this spoliation. When Europe calculates the debt of the African states, Europe never thinks about this pillaging. I'm not an european because I don't believe in banks nor in bank interests nor in the free movements of capitals, nor in aesthetics legislation, nor in clothing legislation, nor in the urbanization of natural areas, nor in the spill of the cows milk ordered by an strange agreement that forgets the world's hunger, nor in the fish that is thrown away to the sea because an strange and devilish agreement orders it. I don't believe in the Europe that forbids the prostitutes meanwhile the same Europe tolerates luxury prostitution consumed by their politicians and powerful men.

I'm not an European, I'm a mediterranean man. My family are the drown people of the Mediterranean sea, those who are not Charlie, those who don't appear in TV news during long time. By the way, European TV news almost never talk about Catalonia, and when they talk about my country they mainly say thay their young people come to Salou or Lloret to get drunk.

I'm a mediterranean. I'm from Vallès. I speak a language that has a history of one thousand years. The earth of my homeland is red like the stones of my landscape. My Mountain is Sant Llorenç del Munt, and most european people don't know my mountain. My places are Turó de la Pola, L'alzina del Salari, el Collet Estret, el Torrent d'Estenalles, el Montcau, els Tolls del Torrent de la Font Freda. I also belong to the damaged Mediterranean sea. It has been damaged by the technocrat councilors that were formed in Oxford or Harvard. And I also belong to the shore that has been spat and crucified by those who have chased the glass mirrors of the german and french tourists. Every summer, these tourists have brought these mirrors from their countries, and our bussiness men have exchanged these mirrors for apartments, promenades or good wine. I belong to the woods that have been disturbed by concrete and glass buildings. These buildings have been constructed by councilors that have been rapt by the idea of Europe and by the money of Europe. A councilor said once that Costa Brava could still hold a million more houses. There have been too many ignoble knights in Costa Brava, knights greedy for money, knights murderers of nature, murderers of the life that belongs to the next generations.
You can keep dreaming of Europe and its green and red percentages. You can keep dreaming of the false Europe, the Europe that has been invented by opportunistic politicals, rapt by money and power. You can keep Europe's marketing, the corseted suit that the ideologues of the stiff qualities wear. I'm a mediterranean and what I love are the persons. The quality I want achieve works for every person, because every individual person is the aim of my work. You can keep for yourself the Europe that wants to produce every year more cars than the year before, more lipsticks than the year before... You can keep for yourself (because I don't want it) the Europe who was silent when the fascism of Franco crushed Spain's freedom for decades, the Europe that shooke hands with Franco, the Europe that sold weapons to Libia and that afterwards attacked its leader because he had used these weapons, the Europe that is enriching itself by selling weapons to the African states that are fighting among themselves.
I belong to a lost and tiny sea inlet, whose name I don't want to reveal. This little beach is in the heart of the Mediterranean. My song is Odysseus song. My ship is my homeland, and my heaven is my travel. After death, I want to go to this tiny and lost beach. Over there, naked, we'll speak the language in which our mind thinks, and afterwards we are going to grill sardines, and we will live in a free landscape, a country that will not obey any castrating urban standard, any artificial aesthetics invented by the cornies of Paris, Madrid or London. We will sing the melodies that Europe doesn't understand, because these melodies come from the heart of people, and because these songs are pronounced in a language that Europe doesn't love. 


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The knowledge and the assumption of the human body frees the persons from being upset.

"Explain to the people of your country that those who have been prevented from seeing the naked human's body feel on themselves the call of the sex when they see a naked body. However, when we, the naturists, see a naked body, we don't discover a sexual reality but a pretty beautiful person. And this so precious image we see is just a flash that points towards a higher and still prettier reality. Every naked person we see announces to us the existence of a non visible being still more beautiful; a being full of dignity, of consciousness, of thought. The repression eroticises and obsesses, but instead the knowledge and the assumption of the human body frees the persons."
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