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We shall overcome. We will win. We will save the Earth from the black storm of the avarice; and the sound of the streams will be heard everywhere again.

My sea is drawing corbes in every moment. Each line is the right line it has to draw. Beyond the water, light glances, and sea's surface is like a blanket of emmerald, and the shape it forms is like the skin of an eternal god.
The power that has designed this beauty is the same power that has dreamt of my shape. My true dress is not the tissue that some factory has made but the skin made by the universe in the Earth. If someone bans this image, a deep part of my mind will miss it strongly; something inside me will be sore; I'll have lack of some reality that perhaps I will not be able to define. I'll fear nudeness, I'll find it disgusting... so I'll be sore with a part of my self, with my own natural image. Something in me will not be natural, but I will not realise because everybody will be like me, everybody will have lack of the same reality, nobody will know they will have lack of this treasure. 

Some people have recovered this treasure, the self-esteem, the love for the natural dress that Earth has sewn for the Homo sapiens. Some people enjoy their free bodies in the beach and in the sea under the sun. They have been knowing their own image from they were children, and they don't think about sex when they see a natural human body. Society is ill, and it doesn't know. But one day, Human kind will turn its negative attitude into a human and soft relation with nature, with the Earth and with all the hearts. We shall overcome. We will win. We will save the Earth from the black storm of the avarice; and the sound of the streams will be heard everywhere again.

I love you! 



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Nudity is not promiscuity. Naturists are not swingers.

Many people confuse nudity with sexuality; but human sexuality is present in all parts of human body, not only in the covered areas.
In my case, I defend the exercise of a responsible sexuality within the family. I believe in freedom, of course, and everyone can do what he wants, but in my personal life, sexuality belongs to family; it is a matter of my wife and me.  On the other hand, I think that a united family is the best place where children can grow up. I think that love should be present in all human relationships. When I say love, I mean really the love, empathy, will of good for people I love. Feeling is neither the cause nor the essence of love. Feeling is an usual result of love. But love is more than feeling . I can say that I love you  when I want all the good for you, in spite that the good for you doesn't mean a pleasure for me, in spite that the good for you means an effort for me. I bathe naked on the beach, and I sunbathe naked, that's true... but I do not prete…

Order is not enough

Order is not enough.  If the order appears because of the repression...  If there's no freedom, what will the life be like?  Safety, order, uniformity, silence, urban harmony, richness, dominion... What are those goals for... if we are not free to dream, fly,  change the life, overcome all that is established, run away from routine, seek a newer world?  What would our prestige be for if we were'n able to sit on a beach and sing a song to the sunset in a warm summer night? What is our elegant suit for if it denies us the pleasure of feeling the wind, the sand, the sun, the water... in our whole skin?  What is our life for if we don't experience surprise?  It doesn't do any good to grab gold chains if they are heavy and ungrateful.  We are born to be free.

The soul of the current Berlin. Hackescher Markt. 39 Rosenthaler Strasse. Haus Schwarzenberg.

There's a place in Berlin that can't be defined. In the 39 Rosenthaler Strasse, there's a discreet and disguised gate; a hole in the front of some old jew houses in Hackescher Markt. Beyond the gate, we find a magic courtyard, with thousands of Graffities, and many strange doors that guide us towards strange and secret spots. In this gloomy courtyard there is an arts cinema, a couple of alternatives cafes, galleries, some strange shop. This place has an atmosphere of anarchy, as we were in the pre-war slums. There also is a museum about Anna Frank.  Some people say that this place is an oasis in the middle of the gentrified heart of Berlin. Others have said that for getting a proper feeling of the soul of the current Berlin you have to go to Haus Schwarzenberg. I'd say that this uncommon point in a tech town expresses what Berlin is and what it hides inside its meaning.