Monday, April 27, 2015

The society that forbids nudity is an ill society

Everybody has the right to self-image. Self-image is a tool to express one's personality, one's style, one's identity... Sometimes, in some places, there are some rules that try to impose a way of dress, or to forbid people from using some garments. These rules are an oppressive tool to exclude individual styles or to uniform a society or a group. These rules has not any rationale. The authorities that impose these rules can only argue a matter of image, of social imposition. Sometimes they say “In all civilized societies, rules forbid the caps in class” Or “In all civilized societies, rules forbid nakedness in beaches”. They don't realise that what is really uncivilized is the prohibition of a freedom that doesn't damage anyone. The natural nakedness in the nature is an innocent and natural image, our own image, the image of the dress that the Earth has made for us. The society that forbids nudity is an ill society, a society where people can't enjoy completely the nature, a society that is not completely free. In the same way, the schools that forbid caps in classrooms, are schools that subject themselves to the prevailing image, and so these schools stifle children's creativity. Sometimes, schools choose to train people to keep the social prejudices instead of teaching people to improve the society and to get a freer human kind.

The image's tyranny is an acute tyranny that corrodes piecemeal human life. Uniforms, dress codes, prohibitions, impositions... tools to dominate the natural expression of people; different ways of turning this world into a bore and grey place, without diversity, and of imposing a prevailing moral. Sometimes this moral is based on a religious dogmatism. Other times it is only based on prejudices, preconceptions, bias, prejudgements, prepossessions...

There is a sun dying in the west, and sky changes its color from the red of the sunset to the east dark blue. The arch of sky is made by a lot of colors, not by only one. The nature is diverse, and we are nature's sons and daughters. We must advance without forgetting the natural wisdom; without forgetting our origin, and the value of our freedom.  

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