Wednesday, April 8, 2015


When my head is tired, this same head saves me; dreams, fantasies, the paradise that I imagine. In any way,  all paradises are mind's imaginations, so that, when our mood is upset, we can live in our paradise. When my mind can no more, my heart saves me. When my heart can no more, my mind saves me. When neither my head nor my heart can  enough power to overcome difficulties, I still have the landscape to be free and to reject the god of the utilitarianism. I have seen too much death, and because of this sight, I feel that I must enjoy my life. Too many people have dead because of not enjoying life.  My heart deeply believes in what it does, so that, he still believes in miracles.  When my head is tired, Biarritz could be the landscape that gladdens my heart. And probably I don't see Biarritz as Biarritz is but as I imagine it. Biarritz is an imagined paradise where my head takes a rest. This is the reason why I like so much Biarritz, and this happens in life many times. We need a little bit of fantasy to gather strength to overcome our difficulties. I advise you to visit Biarritz, it is a jewel of the sea.
Biarritz has a fine architecture beside a sea that kisses its fronts. Biarritz has a lot of scents: creps, salt, waves, leaves, cakes, roses... The surroundings of Biarritz are full of woods and meadows, all is green and bright, and there is plenty of light everywhere.


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