Monday, April 27, 2015

The society that forbids nudity is an ill society

Everybody has the right to self-image. Self-image is a tool to express one's personality, one's style, one's identity... Sometimes, in some places, there are some rules that try to impose a way of dress, or to forbid people from using some garments. These rules are an oppressive tool to exclude individual styles or to uniform a society or a group. These rules has not any rationale. The authorities that impose these rules can only argue a matter of image, of social imposition. Sometimes they say “In all civilized societies, rules forbid the caps in class” Or “In all civilized societies, rules forbid nakedness in beaches”. They don't realise that what is really uncivilized is the prohibition of a freedom that doesn't damage anyone. The natural nakedness in the nature is an innocent and natural image, our own image, the image of the dress that the Earth has made for us. The society that forbids nudity is an ill society, a society where people can't enjoy completely the nature, a society that is not completely free. In the same way, the schools that forbid caps in classrooms, are schools that subject themselves to the prevailing image, and so these schools stifle children's creativity. Sometimes, schools choose to train people to keep the social prejudices instead of teaching people to improve the society and to get a freer human kind.

The image's tyranny is an acute tyranny that corrodes piecemeal human life. Uniforms, dress codes, prohibitions, impositions... tools to dominate the natural expression of people; different ways of turning this world into a bore and grey place, without diversity, and of imposing a prevailing moral. Sometimes this moral is based on a religious dogmatism. Other times it is only based on prejudices, preconceptions, bias, prejudgements, prepossessions...

There is a sun dying in the west, and sky changes its color from the red of the sunset to the east dark blue. The arch of sky is made by a lot of colors, not by only one. The nature is diverse, and we are nature's sons and daughters. We must advance without forgetting the natural wisdom; without forgetting our origin, and the value of our freedom.  

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

We shall overcome. We will win. We will save the Earth from the black storm of the avarice; and the sound of the streams will be heard everywhere again.

My sea is drawing corbes in every moment. Each line is the right line it has to draw. Beyond the water, light glances, and sea's surface is like a blanket of emmerald, and the shape it forms is like the skin of an eternal god.
The power that has designed this beauty is the same power that has dreamt of my shape. My true dress is not the tissue that some factory has made but the skin made by the universe in the Earth. If someone bans this image, a deep part of my mind will miss it strongly; something inside me will be sore; I'll have lack of some reality that perhaps I will not be able to define. I'll fear nudeness, I'll find it disgusting... so I'll be sore with a part of my self, with my own natural image. Something in me will not be natural, but I will not realise because everybody will be like me, everybody will have lack of the same reality, nobody will know they will have lack of this treasure. 

Some people have recovered this treasure, the self-esteem, the love for the natural dress that Earth has sewn for the Homo sapiens. Some people enjoy their free bodies in the beach and in the sea under the sun. They have been knowing their own image from they were children, and they don't think about sex when they see a natural human body. Society is ill, and it doesn't know. But one day, Human kind will turn its negative attitude into a human and soft relation with nature, with the Earth and with all the hearts. We shall overcome. We will win. We will save the Earth from the black storm of the avarice; and the sound of the streams will be heard everywhere again.

I love you! 


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Naturism... So simple like this...

 Naturism... so simple like leaving all possessions and embrace the water of the sea, the wind and the sun... without fear or shame... The natural dress is the most beatiful dress.
This video from Galicia, posted in youtube by Lares inmobiliaria, explains this reality without any word just with images.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


When my head is tired, this same head saves me; dreams, fantasies, the paradise that I imagine. In any way,  all paradises are mind's imaginations, so that, when our mood is upset, we can live in our paradise. When my mind can no more, my heart saves me. When my heart can no more, my mind saves me. When neither my head nor my heart can  enough power to overcome difficulties, I still have the landscape to be free and to reject the god of the utilitarianism. I have seen too much death, and because of this sight, I feel that I must enjoy my life. Too many people have dead because of not enjoying life.  My heart deeply believes in what it does, so that, he still believes in miracles.  When my head is tired, Biarritz could be the landscape that gladdens my heart. And probably I don't see Biarritz as Biarritz is but as I imagine it. Biarritz is an imagined paradise where my head takes a rest. This is the reason why I like so much Biarritz, and this happens in life many times. We need a little bit of fantasy to gather strength to overcome our difficulties. I advise you to visit Biarritz, it is a jewel of the sea.
Biarritz has a fine architecture beside a sea that kisses its fronts. Biarritz has a lot of scents: creps, salt, waves, leaves, cakes, roses... The surroundings of Biarritz are full of woods and meadows, all is green and bright, and there is plenty of light everywhere.


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