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The strongest power of the universe.

. May be for once, the light of life is going to emerge from Earth entrails. How much do we own? Wooing and dreams, further the planned situation of the daily pace. We live so few
years on this land, that if we don't live all the life, we lost the view of the core, and we use the knife of the golden thrustfulness to trundle on. And so... if the light of the life doesn't emerge from the Earth's heart, we must track down the hiden gate of mankind.
I couldn't help but notice the power of the cosmos's shape; every line is made of love and hate. But hate is an empty box of cold and darkness, just to understand the light. Existence is not a pink story of honey and sugar plum; we're fire and rage, and in the cage of dreams is breathing the yearn of the years;
we are the strongest power of the universe.  

Jeremias. S. . . .

Tribute to my dear Scotland...

Really, fear is never right

Life's dignity borns from life's beauty. Life's beauty borns from life dignity.  People are life's beauty. When there were no people on the Earth, Earth was invisible.

Johny Depp said that we can close our eyes to what we don't want to see, but we can't shut our heart from what we don't want to feel. Often I think people should value other people's feelings; people should recognize people's dignity. People are great. People are worth. All we should dare to watch those we don't want to see, because those realities will show us a part of ourselves. A part of ourselves lives outside us in the people we don't want to see, in the hearts we don't want to feel. And often we don't want to watch because we are afraid; we are afraid of losing the few we have. But I wonder if it's worth protecting the few we have and losing the dignity of loving so many people who need our voice, our claim, our work... or at least our friendship. What is life…