Sunday, February 1, 2015

The sign of human identity.

I have no confidence on the people that call themselves "naturist" while they live obsessed by nude images. They seek naked pictures, they post this pictures in the internet, they idolize them... They even fill the internet with nude pictures of themselves in a lot of different positions. Some of these pictures are really pathetic and become indications of an unhealthy narcissism. This narcissism is a sexual imbalance, and of course it is not naturism. 
If we embrace the naturist's soul, the naturist idea, we don't need to fill the internet with nudity. Of course, we can add a nude image in an article or post; nakedness is a natural and innocent reality, and there is nothing wrong in posting natural and spontaneus nude pictures when this pictures are tied with the article or with the words we have written. What I think is wrong is to post an array of pathetic and  grotesque nude and erotic images ( or nude self-images of self-adulation); and this is wrong mainly because if someone does it, he (or she) is misleading the world.

I don't believe people who call themselves “naturist” and seek (and even demand) nude pictures. Nakedness is a natural and spontaneus and free reality that appears when naturist persons feel good because they are in a natural environment and because they feel that they wish to put their whole skin in a deep and direct contact with air, sun and sea... The relations between naturist persons are always intellectual, rational and human relations, even though when the naturist persons are naked. Nakedness is not a reality contrary to spirituality, or to brotherhood, or to rationality, or to emotionality... The naturism is incompatible with the morbid speculations and have no the aim of seeking erotic or porn images. Naturism is not a mirror, but an open window to nature, to sun, to sea, to life... The nakedness is not a goal, but a tool to get the unity with the natural reality, the Earth, and the universe; and to get a relationship of equality and transparency with people, accepting the beauty of the body as an ikon of a deeper and more beautiful invisible reality hidden inside everybody we meet.

Most naturist people understand this idea. They are not among the many users of the internet that think that nudity is sex. These users  are a minority, but they make much noise. They mislead society, because when people seek information about naturism they find the wrong and disgusting messages of those who think that nudity is promiscuity.

 We must leave the absurd sense of shame that embraces some people who feel embarrassed for telling everyone that they go to the beach without swimsuit. If this is not a bad practise, if we live in a democratic society, if we believe in freedom... why are we afraid of  expressing our point of view? Do people talk about policy, soccer, hobbies...? Then why don't we speak about what we like? Why do some naturist organize secret groups or closed societies? We must offer to the world the little part of diversity we are, and not hidding it.  
We must not attach importance to pictures, and we must attach more importance to the ideas and the words, and specially to the defense of the environment, and to the body and the landscape on their original state. This original state is the sign of the human identity, and the pledge of the freedom and the social and mental health.
Naturist people don't live in internet. They use internet, of course, but they are not obsessed with the idea of exhibit themselves in the internet. They enjoy in the beach, or in the mountain, or in the woods... or they sleep under the stars, or perhaps they are singing beside a campfire, or swimming in a river, or building sand castles in a beach with their families... They don't spend all their time in internet nor feel the wish of posting any kind of photo.


  1. Phew!! When I reached your last paragraph, I realised that we ARE "on the same page"! But naturists have as much right to tell others about HOW they enjoynature as anyone else. They (We) are allowed to tell where naturism can be enjoyed and how. Noone really 'LIVES" on the internet or in ewspapers or on billboards. These are only used for communicating and sharing.

  2. Thanks for your comment Jo.

    And if you don't mind, I take this opportunity to answer some readers that have commented my article in many webs. In spite what I wrote, I guess that there are a lot of different points of view about what naturism is and about the way to treat it. Even I don't like to put a name for this way of life that people call "naturism" because I think it is the natural way, and it doesn't need a name, I don't say It is only a hobby, as some readers of the article have said in some naturist webs, I only say that we don't have to feel embarrassed for explaining what we think, as we don't feel embarrassed for explaining the hobbies we have. What people call "naturism" is a way of walking down the road where the life is. In some webs, I've been reading wrong interpretations about my words. I think that there are very beautiful nude images, I think there's nothing wrong on hanging naturist photos if this photos show a natural situation. What I think that is a wrong are the photos that mislead the idea of naturism. Some people tie naturism with eroticism with pornography even with self-adulation... showing their penis as if these penis were their swords or their reason of existing, as if their penis were the symbol of their narcissistic sexuality that they wrongly call "naturism". This is what I consider a big mistake. But It is only my opinion.

    I also ask you that if you can help me to improve my english writting, I'll be happy. You can tell me what sentences or phrases of the article sound in a strange way or could improve.

  3. And I want to add that "for me" "on my view" naturism is a way of life that doesn't spin only around the nakedness. Nakedness is only one thing more, a tool... On my view, naturism (my way of feel naturism) is tied with a way of relating with the Earth and with the existence. I'm enjoying naturism when I'm dressed in a snowed wood beside a campfire singing a song about the mistery of nature. I'm enjoying naturism, when I'm drinking a glass of wine while I hearing a song of MIckey MacConnell and I'm staring the mountains through the window, and of course I'm enjoying naturism when I am naked, swimming in a mountain's lake or in a river, or sunbathing over a big stone, or covering my skin with mud in a marsh...



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