Thursday, February 12, 2015

In the human dephts, we have a lot of happiness to come.

Like an iceberg. Every human being is like an iceberg. The ice dazzles on the water, filling up its transparent soul with sunlight and beauty, but under the sea, the iceberg is bigger and more awesome. Nobody see into its enormity. Sometimes, its external beauty misleads human mind as if the deep beauty was all the beauty, but inside the ocean, a hidden heart beats and holds its whole life. The iceberg is cold and frozen, but the human being is warm and sacred. The human heart resides in the intimate nest of its invisibility. When we stare at a person's body, we don't see the deepest and most beautiful part of his or her core. What we see is nice but what we don't see is awesome. Sometimes, our eyes mislead us, and we need a heart to see better. “Here is my secret. It is very simple. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; What is essential is invisible to the eye.” Saint Exupery wrote. And it is not only poetry. Some people reject what they don't understand or what they have known through the dark filter of the testosterone. Sometimes, some human lifes live as if they were no human beings, as if they had no a deep and strong mind to understand the most essential roots of freedom and happiness. Happiness and freedom, like icebergs and human beings, have their cores under the clean and shinning waters of a enormous ocean. Rejecting what we don't see means renouncing the humankind's lost treasures, and, in the human depths, we have a lot of happiness to come.

 The most beautiful reality of a person lives inside him or her, but we shouldn't be afraid of the external beauty. The beauty our eyes can see is an ikon pointing further than itself. The soft shapes of a nude body are metaphors of an invisible energy, of a deep and sensible consciousness, of a pure and lovely mind that needs to be loved. All we need is love; a love that works beyond the interest; a love that loves the hidden part of the iceberg and that only enjoys loving the whole person, and loving his or her life, his or her rights, his or her future, his or her well-being.

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