Monday, February 23, 2015


Three drops are falling from a cloud. They are rushing towards land. They are having a row while they are going down. Therefore, they rank their own importance, the importance of each one, to decide who rules, who obeys, who owns more grams of surrounding air while they are falling, who has the right of being the first one in turning into ice's stone when environment causes hailing. They have a hard time because their discussions. They usually feel bereaved, humiliated... and they eventually say that the life is a shit.
All this happens few instants before their dissapearance, before their fusion with the earth. They are bound to seep into the earth, and to travel towards the currents who are going to push them towards the sea. Not even they know that the sea exists. Not even they have looked at the clouds. When they think about the landscape below them, they tremble and change the subject.

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