Sunday, January 4, 2015

The natural dress that nature has made for us.

It's amazing, to be out there, where the sun is shining.

We don't need anything to be happy; just being good at heart, and living in a free way.
Sea's song, again and again, spreads around.
Salt's scent flies with the breeze and embraces my skin.
Nudeness is not a tool for eating meat, nor a path towards soul's despising, nor a way to achieve sexual arousal.
Nudeness is the dress that nature has made for us, the way the nature has designed us, the love of the whole univers in its worship of the consciousness.
The naked body is an ikon designating a more beautiful reality, invisible to the eye.
We don't need images, nor photos, nor any material views. Nakedness is the intimate communication between atmosphere and person, between sea and person, between sun and person, between sand and person, between universe and person.
As far back as we can trace, we discover a natural and living jewel, the sanctuary of tenderness, the homeland of the childhood, the nude light of the life... Our free body under the sun. Nudeness is an strong entailment with the Earth, hence the happiness that Earth gives us.

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