Saturday, January 17, 2015

"The idea of Europe" an Oscar Intente's performance.

Europe. What is Europe? Oscar Intente explains it to us with his performance based on a text of Steiner.
Beyond the economical or political explanations, Europe appears in our subconscious as the mother of the street's life, or the spirit of the caffes, or the face's grimaces, or the scent of the people's life... Beyond the political or social explanations, Europe is poetry, Europe is the everyday story of so many people living within their yearnings. Europe is a wooden table with a glass of wine, a burst of a drunk's laughter that explains the misteries of the human life. Europe is the mother of the freedom's cultures, an special way of understanding life, slowly, deeply, quietly, under the sun of noon in the silence of an smart town or a tiny village.
Oscar Intente offers us his intense performance, getting into our realest blood, in our soul, in our origin.  I strongly recommend his work. 

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