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I'm coming.

I'll be arriving in the sunset, when sky gets red. The awakening is bound to be delayed, because I'm weak, and blind, and dark... But inside of me, there is a seed that is germinating. And I'm coming. Expect to see me around sunset-ish. I will have sung all my old sweet songs, the tunes that always make cry us. I'm really looking forward to seeing you. And the gift I ordered is due to arrive just when I met you. I've been dealing with a muse, and she has promised me that she will bring it. I'll be fitting it before night falls. I'll be arriving with the soft wind, when the thyme's scent spreads around, and time stops, and west inflames, and your face be another sun beside the woods. My wisdom is bound to be delayed, because I'm just a poor monkey playing to be human. But I love you, and I love everybody. So... I'm coming. Expect to see me when my voice sounds. I will have left my possessions far away, and I'm going to be only me. I will have …

A sweet and ancient sound of peace.

When I walked by street and didn't watch hearts, it was wicked of me. When I chased a wish while I glanced a mirror, it was wicked of me. When I chose the hard land of the noises and hurries, it was wicked of me. When I forgot the life to earn safety, it was wicked of me. Sometimes we need to rip everything up and start from a scratch, and begin to live in a different way, more peacefully and slowy, getting to know our neighbours, and sitting everyday to talk for a while to our sons and daughters. Sometimes we need to draw another life in the existence's canvas, giving away a dazzling and cool way of being to ourselves.
Make yourself a drink, from my soul's cupboard, I haven't ice nor stunner liquors. We can sing a poem near the golden fire of an old big house, feeling the true depth of this alive instant while the night cries out there, and the storm sounds far. We can recite a pray, thinking of the stars while the dancing shadows of the warming light smile and …

"The idea of Europe" an Oscar Intente's performance.

Europe. What is Europe? Oscar Intente explains it to us with his performance based on a text of Steiner. Beyond the economical or political explanations, Europe appears in our subconscious as the mother of the street's life, or the spirit of the caffes, or the face's grimaces, or the scent of the people's life... Beyond the political or social explanations, Europe is poetry, Europe is the everyday story of so many people living within their yearnings. Europe is a wooden table with a glass of wine, a burst of a drunk's laughter that explains the misteries of the human life. Europe is the mother of the freedom's cultures, an special way of understanding life, slowly, deeply, quietly, under the sun of noon in the silence of an smart town or a tiny village. Oscar Intente offers us his intense performance, getting into our realest blood, in our soul, in our origin.  I strongly recommend his work. 

Everybody walks through a strange and beautiful existence in which we only know one thing: we must love.

The highest value of life is the respect to the human beings. What is the surest truth? No doctrine. Only the love.  Nobody is so sure of knowing anything as to kill or harm anyone because an idea or a dissent. No word is as bad as the fact of killing or harming someone. No word is so terrible that a person should be killed because of it. The fanatics should ask themselves the cause of their sureness, and probably they will discover that there's no assuredness. Everybody walks through a strange and beautiful existence in which we only know one thing: we must love. This is our only reliability, we have to love persons, because every person is the closest thing to God.
The faith of those who kill reveals its own falsehood. No God could never love anyone who kills any other one because any word, or any sin, or any mistake. The true God, if it exists, only can be a love's God. We have its seed inside, and we know this self-evident truth: every person, man or woman, christian or mus…

The natural dress that nature has made for us.

It's amazing, to be out there, where the sun is shining.
We don't need anything to be happy; just being good at heart, and living in a free way. Sea's song, again and again, spreads around. Salt's scent flies with the breeze and embraces my skin. Nudeness is not a tool for eating meat, nor a path towards soul's despising, nor a way to achieve sexual arousal. Nudeness is the dress that nature has made for us, the way the nature has designed us, the love of the whole univers in its worship of the consciousness. The naked body is an ikon designating a more beautiful reality, invisible to the eye. We don't need images, nor photos, nor any material views. Nakedness is the intimate communication between atmosphere and person, between sea and person, between sun and person, between sand and person, between universe and person. As far back as we can trace, we discover a natural and living jewel, the sanctuary of tenderness, the homeland of the childhood, the nud…