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I wish to live enough time as to be able to write words that might convince people that the most beautiful things are free.

This is a practice of my learning english. I appreciate corrections.

Sometimes I think I need more time, more years to live; I'm forty six years old and I'm learning to write english poetry. I'm smitten with this hobby. I feel inside a whole universe of deep thoughts. I love what I'm discovering. I feel also happy because some english-speaking like my poetry. Many times I think that my future lifetime is not long enough to write all the poetry I feel inside. I'm not speaking about quality but about passion, about feelings... about the greenery of the woods, about the scent of the salt's sea in shore.

I need more lifetime to improve my english, and to learn to put in a better way my fingers on the neck of the guitar, and to tidy up all my texts and publish them, as I did with my book about nudity, or with “The wind of the woods” or with my book about education.
And I wish to work as a teacher longer than my lifetime. I wish to meet more persons along all my teaching life. I wish utopianly to try to convince them to learn the most essential apprenticeship: being alive is wonderfull, a privilege, a gift, a joy... And this is the sense of all: we live to enjoy, we live to make enjoy.

I wish I had a body that didn't deteriorate while time went by, and therefore learning more and more, with the same ease with which children learn. I cringe with the people that live as if they had not a heart, nor dialog capacity, nor respect for differences and freedom. I wish to live enough time as to be able to write words that might convince people that the most beautiful things are free, that those who don't feel a homeland as their homeland, don't they feel it... and nothing happens... , that those who feel a different homeland as their homeland, feel it... and nothing happens... that those who want to leave have the right to leave... that we only really own what is free to leave or to stay... If anyone wants to leave, we must let him leave.
I wish to live longer than my lifetime to sing without hiding, to proclame that severity is a failure, that the arrogant style of living and the cult image, is an style that moves us away from human kind, from tenderness, from freedom, from the pleasure of having fun.
I wish to convince people of the idea that the persons are not made to have authority, nor to suffer it. Our evolution guides us to build a society with differents labors, braided so that nobody be under anybody, nor nobody be over anybody... braided so that everybody lives with the same dignity and the same opportunities.
I wish to live longer that my lifetime to swim naked in all the seas of the world, to climb all the tops, to fool around, to create freely walking down the road where my existence decides.
I need a life in which all is not done, in which there isn't eternal breaks nor infinite happiness, nor the beatific vision of an inapprehensible being. Give me the night and the stars, and the gloaming of all the sunrises and all the sunsets, and the mistery that never runs out, to love infinitely that we hint but don't understand nor know.
I wish to be imperfect, to have always some skill to improve, and to remember to be tolerant and unconcerned. I need the disorder to feel relaxed in an atmosphere that accepts my rightful and natural disorder. I wish to be always an activist against the idolatry of fame and utilitarianism, against the wrong idea that says that money defines the professionalism instead of the right idea that says that is the profession and its features what defines the professionalism. I wish to convince the writers of the pleasure of writing for delight instead of writting to achieve fame or fortune; and I also wish to say the same idea to the singers, and to the actors and actresses, and in general to all who work in any task. I wish everybody loved their works, the bright of their works, the love in their works, the will of good with the aim of their works... and I wish they wasn't obsessed with success and triumph. The true success is one that perhaps doesn't shine but nevertheless gets to serve and to love people with a humble and concealed attitude.

I need more years to live, and I think that too few years left to my death time. However, if I died tomorrow It didn't seem a disgrace. The life has been great. My life is still great. I don't know who has set up all the things of the life, but in spite the hard moments, life has been like a rare flower; a flower so beautifull that I take my breath away. And this flower declaims (as it was declaiming a poem) the name of every person of human kind.


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