Sunday, December 28, 2014

Educating means loving.

Educating means loving. In the hardest times of  winter, the grass grows under the drifting snow. Tenderness must also grow under a cape of discretion and good sense. But tenderness must exists, because tenderness means the highest plenitude of human being. As a teachers, we must offer tenderness besides austerity of feelings. 
Educating means stopping, amazed, in front some deities who don't know they are deities, who ignore their greatness. Every day. Every hour. Educating means watching those that seem little, and realizing that those are great, big, immense. The job of educating is such a great privilege that it moves spontaneously towards the responsibility and respect.

What's going on when I work as a teacher? What's going on here? In fact, a teacher is only a guide. What really exists is the learning process. Pupil is the only one who really do something. He, or she, learns; takes a truth, an habit, an attittude... He or she takes out of his or her inner his or her real identity. Teacher only points out some possibilities, some directions... and spreads enthusiasm. The teacher must be a master of enthusiasm.

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