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Educating means loving.

Educating means loving. In the hardest times of  winter, the grass grows under the drifting snow. Tenderness must also grow under a cape of discretion and good sense. But tenderness must exists, because tenderness means the highest plenitude of human being. As a teachers, we must offer tenderness besides austerity of feelings.  Educating means stopping, amazed, in front some deities who don't know they are deities, who ignore their greatness. Every day. Every hour. Educating means watching those that seem little, and realizing that those are great, big, immense. The job of educating is such a great privilege that it moves spontaneously towards the responsibility and respect.
What's going on when I work as a teacher? What's going on here? In fact, a teacher is only a guide. What really exists is the learning process. Pupil is the only one who really do something. He, or she, learns; takes a truth, an habit, an attittude... He or she takes out of his or her inner his or her re…

Interview to myself.

This is a practice of my learning english. I appreciate corrections.
1.- Tell me something you’re proud of.
I'm proud of nothing in my life. It would be better to say that I'm grateful. Yes... because all the things I have achieved come from the chance. I've had the opportunity of reaching many aims, a lot of objectives. I've had the tools, the means to get my wishes. I've had to strive to achieve what I have wanted, but... the capacity of striving is also a skill. This skill originates from genetic inheritance, from my parent's education, from the first childhood experiences... The ability of fighting, of working, of striving, of struggling... is a random inheritance.
-Yes… but… there are men and women that when they have the chance of achieving their aims… they don’t do… In this sense It would mean that people have merit or demerit according to their sloth or they effort… -But why are they sloth or industrious? Do they decide it? And if they decide it? Why do th…

I wish to live enough time as to be able to write words that might convince people that the most beautiful things are free.

This is a practice of my learning english. I appreciate corrections.

Sometimes I think I need more time, more years to live; I'm forty six years old and I'm learning to write english poetry. I'm smitten with this hobby. I feel inside a whole universe of deep thoughts. I love what I'm discovering. I feel also happy because some english-speaking like my poetry. Many times I think that my future lifetime is not long enough to write all the poetry I feel inside. I'm not speaking about quality but about passion, about feelings... about the greenery of the woods, about the scent of the salt's sea in shore.
I need more lifetime to improve my english, and to learn to put in a better way my fingers on the neck of the guitar, and to tidy up all my texts and publish them, as I did with my book about nudity, or with “The wind of the woods” or with my book about education. And I wish to work as a teacher longer than my lifetime. I wish to meet more persons along all my teachin…

Octavi Intente, a world of art and creation.

 I've found this vídeo in the YouTube's space of Artamore Sitges, an art shop of Sitges (Barcelona). This is a video that shows the work of the painter Octavi Intente. How does this Catalan artist work? How is the world he imagines? I invite you to discover a personal way of sailing the sea of creation. Are you used to foreseeable shapes? This artist is never foreseeable. From his mind, evolves a whole universe of surreal situations, of shocking characters, of amazing interpretations of the reality. In fact, Catalonia has always been a land of artists.  I'm not going to explain all about Octavi Intente;  you must discover him, you must enjoy his work. , , ,