Sunday, November 30, 2014

To go out in the night.


(This is a practice of my english classes)
When I was in my twenties, I used to go out to discos with my friends. And I must admit that I used to go out, not because I liked it but because it was a way of living in society, a way of relating with girls, with friends, with diverse people in a more relaxed athmosphere than work's environment. Nowadays, I hardly ever go out in the night. Once or twice a year, mainly to go to the cinema, and to dinner with my wife. The reason of this austerity is that we have many difficulties to leave our son and our daughter with somebody who may look after them. But probably, if we had really wished to go out, we would have solved it. 

In fact, I have always thought that there are many others activities more interesting than going out in the darkness... than going into smoky and tight and noisy locals... than losing sleep... than being enforced to wake up late, and therefore losing wonderfull sun's hours of life and pure air. I think that the night is dark because people have to be in their caves, or in their corners, or in their nests, or in their homes... perhaps writting poetry, or beside a fire with a guitar on hands, or telling stories, or counting stars below a dark and stellated sky, or in a beach under the moonlight. 

Society has created an unnecessary need, that probably is hidding an ancient and deep impulse, an impulse that push us to approach to the opposite sex. Probably, this idea is tied to the social and not always written repression of the natural tendency to copulate. Our subconscious wants to copulate. Our conscious doesn't clearly dare to accept it. Then our wishes walk down the path to where the dark spaces are, to where the clandestine environments are, to where the forbidden hours of the day go by. Society sweeps the natural searching of the opposite sex towards the hidden drawer of the night. I think the social values should evolve towards an acceptance of the natural drives. Besides, when society proscribes (directly or indirectly) a natural wish, this wish search another way, and this new way is always more dangerous, always more strange, always more insane. 

People are made for the day. We have evolved for millions of years sleeping in the night. And before sleeping, we have been explaining stories beside a campfire, singing and dancing with the family. And after the stories, we have always slept in the darkness to welcome a new, and bright, and long day. And this day will elapse, illuminated by the sunlight, from the sunrise to the sunset. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

To clear out (Leave everything)

I'm going to get rid of my worries. 
I'm going to get rid of my fears.
I'm going to get rid of my boundaries
that doesn't allow me to reach my fate.

I want to get rid of the chains
that press my heart and tie my brain.
I want to get rid of the thoughts
that stick me and hit me without faith.

Heaps of junk inside my soul
must disappear with fire and light.

In the drawers of my inner home
only hope, only smiles.
I'm going to clear out the path
that I have to start freely under the sun
sorting out the array of instants
some in passion, some in fight.

I'm giving away myself with joy
working on me, I'm helping the world.
Throwing away the shit, I choose
a better pace and a sweeter world.
I ask you to take out all your rubbish
far away of your core.

Jeremias Soler.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ok, Americans, now it's your time to help Catalonia. Here's how

I'm passing you a writting from the facebook space of "Americans for Catalonia":


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Catalonia. Human Towers.The "Minyons de Terrassa" get upload the "3 of 10" this morning.

In Catalonia, we do human towers, “castells”. The human towers are the result of the sum of many efforts. In the human towers, men and women apply efforts following an order, a plan, an strategy. Every arm is important, every leg is important. And men and women need to believe that the human tower will be lifted, that will reach its fulfillment, that the tower is rising . The members of the tower must be encouraged continuosly. They must encourage each other continuosly. The people are very important. The people who do support under the tower are essential. The tower can't ascend without the people below. When the tower is up, the most tiny child, who is in the top, raises his or her hand. At this moment, the tower is considered as uploaded. Then, the members start to download the tower. If they completely download the tower without the collapse, then the tower is considered “uploaded” and “downloaded”, this is the highest achievement. If the tower collapse during descent, then the tower is considered “upload” but not “downloaded”. If the tower collapses, nothing happens. The members of the “colla” will try again. Someday, they will get their aim. They always do. If the tower falls, everyone applauds. If the tower doesn't fall, everyone applauds too. Everyone always applauds and tries again. The human tower is the result of the work of everybody.

In Catalonia, my country, the things happen in the same way. Our survival as a nation depends on the sum of many wills, of many works, of many efforts... and the people is essential. As the human towers, we have no limits, we have no ceilings, we can grow every time more and more if we believe we can, if we sum efforts and intelligence. 

The tower of the video has been upload this morning in Terrassa. The group “colla” are the “Minyons de Terrassa”.
About Catalonia

Thursday, November 13, 2014

November, 9. A thrilling and victorious day for Catalonia.

The crowds got close to the point of votation last sunday despite the prohibition.
Last sunday, november 9, we, the Catalans, experienced a thrilling and victorious day. Not even in the best dreams I could have imaginated so many people defying the prohibition of putting the vote in the urn. So many people, and so diverse people. Grandparents, young ones, grandsons pushing the wheelchairs of their grandparents, families, catalan speakers, castilian speakers, workers that had arrived from germany only to vote... Some people could not vote because their identity cards were expired, or because they didn't realise that the adress of their identity cards was different to the ellectoral college where they had gone to vote. I remember the case of a girl that had just arrived from germany to vote in Terrassa, and she could not vote because in her identity card there was the adress of Germany. Some old men left the ellectoral college in tears because they remembered the long decades of dictatorship. They never had imagined that one day they could express in a votation their wishes about the future of Catalonia. 

It was a day of deep joy, deep emotion, deep hope, deep freedom... The catalan towns were full of people, some of them with tears in their eyes and a strong smile on their faces. It was a day of peaceful fight. The spanish authorities didn't dare to use the violence to prevent the votation. There were so many people and so hopeful that it was impossible to imagine any police prohibiting the simple and innocent gesture of voting. Even many policemen went to vote as citizens they were. I even saw a "Guardia Civil" voting. The Guardia Civil is the militar police for the civilians of the Spanish State. They are also persons, most of them are democratic persons, and they understand that voting is a human right. 

These days we realise how the things have changed in the world. Before the november 9, the world was rather indifferent about the Catalan Process. The papers had published few articles, and there were some short news about the issue. However, these days after november 9, we have read the papers of all around the world describing the dream we lived last sunday. The democratic voices of around the world are starting to express the need for a binding vote in Catalonia. What we did last sunday was only a non binding votation, a banned votation, that represented the will of a whole country of deciding its future. It also represented the will of this country of going through legal and democratic ways, It was the third votation convoked after the prohibition of the two previous. The Catalan Government designed this third call trying to reconcile legality with freedom. Very few days before, Spain banned this third votation, and this prohibition had no any foundation. It was only an attempt to humiliate the dignity of a country. The president of Catalonia, Sir Arthur Mas, was threatened by Spanish Government. If he went ahead with the vote the weight of the law would be upon him and upon all those who helped to go through with the votation. But our President decided to be faithful to the catalan people. The legitimacy of the authority borns from the votes of the people, the people who have chosen this president. Now, spanish government is assessing the possibility of denouncing the President and some other people, but Spanish Government knows that its image would be seriously damaged: a government denouncing the president of a country because he has put the urns for a votation! (Taking into account that this consultation was an electoral promise of Sir Arthur Mas to his people) I must add the fact that Spanish government, these days, is preventing Interpol from arresting twenty imputed men that are charged with crimes of the last dictatorship. These facts are strongly questioning the democratic style of the Spanish Government.

And this is the begining. Nothing can fight against the democratic values. All peoples have the right to decide their future. The 2.390.000 persons that voted last sunday despite all the difficulties that there were (few points of votation, no census, threats of denounces, fear of possible conflicts...) demonstrated that nothing can stop a people who want to go towards their freedom.

In many other states around the world, 13573 Catalans voted outside Catalonia, in 19 points of votation. Many of them had to travel thousands of quilometers to vote.

I want to thank the people who have send me so many messages of encouragement from around the world. We still need you because the democratic voices of the world are our brothers and sisters in this long and hard way towards the freedom. The Spanish Government is still fighting against our right to be. But now we know we are not alone, and now we are not afraid. Thanks!

Demonstration in Barcelona, 11/09/2012


Saturday, November 8, 2014

The harassed Catalonia's consultation of november 9

The intimate and overwhelming satisfaction of shouting what we believe, what we love, what we think, what we wish.
The identitary and essential decision of not shutting up not even when someone is threatening us with  flares of impotent and empty glances.
The river's force, travelling towards the sea with all its natural and unstoppable power, deafening with the lofty stridor of the free water. The angry hoots of those who are willing to stop the forthright Earth's energy.
The golden tremor of the vineyard's leaves in the hills, in an iniciatic autumn, like clandestine flags celebrating the people's victory, humble, stubborn, real, patient.
The grandparents, the grandchildren, the armed wings with ballpens and paper sheets, and poems, and candles, and chants, and prayers... in a dark slavery's night hidden for decades.
The slow crutch that advances towards the votation's institute, to say what the fascists said would be silence for ever, seventy five years ago. Not even the emptiness of the ephemeral nastiness of the mandataries will not be able to stop the crutch. The wise and age-old heart, has been discretely beating many years inside a meat made of figures by the scavengers regime.
The people's force that push and require, that are not afraid, that are not afraid...
The people that exist because they want to exist, versus the state which only exists if it scares people.
The shining gray of a cloudy sunday, when the state's power fails to silence the country, when the green homeland turns into a temple, and when people turn into freedom's priests.
The sovereignty that returns to the people, because the people never renounced it. And the people walking towards a future full of peace and hope.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Spanish Government is a black spot in the heart of the democratic Europe.

A black spot in the heart of the democratic Europe. An state that protects the dark protagonists of Franco's dictatorship. Argentina has asked the extradition of several ministers of Franco, and of some high-up VIP of the former regime, but the current spanish government systematically blocks the clarification of the facts, and prevents the extradition. There are many families who lost some members that were executed by Franco, and that were buried in the roadside ditches or in unknown fields or woods; the current government also hinders these families the search and the recovery of the bodies of their families. The Spanish Government also denies the plurinational character of Spanish State , and denies again and again the right of Catalonia to express the will of the people through a democratic consultation. The obsession of Spanish government of not allowing the votation makes an ass of itself. On the contrary, UK, with the Scotland referendum, gave a lesson of democracy and civility. Besides, the European Court of Human Rights, in Strasbourg, has just condemned the Spanish State for not investigating torture cases. In the recent years, the Spanish State has been condemned in six occasions for failing to investigate torture claims. The permissiveness of Europe in regard this matter is a shame. The European Union should ensure that all member states meet minimum protocols of democratic quality. This aim should even be more important that any economical issue.  
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