Friday, October 10, 2014

-"You can't" -says Spain.

 -“You can't” -says the Spanish authorities to the Catalan People. 
”You can't call yourself “nation”
“You can't write on your laws that Catalonia is a nation”
“You can't convoke any democratic consultation”
“You can't decide the strategies of your education system”
“You can't manage your taxes”
“You can't decide the budgets of your country”
“You can't be a country, only a part of a bigger country.”
“You can't denounce the torturers and the executioners of the last dictatorship”
“You can't have your own national soccer team, nor your own national selection in any sport”.
“You can't propose your language as an official European language in the parliament of European Union.”
“You can't use your language in the courts, in the police station, in the borders..."
“You can't wave the flag of Catalonia in your ships and boats, vessels, frigates...”
“You can't show the signs and the words of your country in your car's registration plate...”
“You can't speak in Catalan when you speak with the Police ot the Civil Guard”
“You can be arrested and mistreated by the police when you wave the flag of your nation in a soccer field, and the authorities will not hear you claim nor help you when you denounce this injustice”
“The aspirations of your country will be judged and always vetoed by a Constitutional Court that is not politically neutral, with members of this court that are related with the political party that rules in Spain”

And finally, if you feel sad, you can't claim, because if you claim, you will be called sniveller... And if you express your wish of changing the political status of your country, you will be called separatist, radical, anti-solidary, conceited... And if you want to vote to decide if your nation remains in Spain or if you nation starts a new path as an independant nation, you will be called antidemocratic and intolerant...

Does any democratic nation think that this lack of freedom is only an inner matter of Spain? 

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