Sunday, October 26, 2014

We will not retreat. (A letter to somebody)

You have in front of you the peaceful and strong step of the people who walk forward. We steadily take steps forward by the path of the international legality and the correct completion of the processes. You forbid the sidewalk; and we walk forward by the kerbstone. You forbid the road; and we will walk forward by the mountain path. Whatever it is what you forbid, we will find the door of the freedom, and your clumsy tantrum will not achieve the objectives of contempt. You can not stop a people who knows where it goes. You can not neglect the will of milions of people who know they are a nation. Your clumsy tantrum symbolizes the failure of intolerance. As Winston Churchill said: “The cause of freedom has in it a recuperative power and virtue which can draw from misfortune new hope and new strength”.  We will not retreat. You can come with your prohibitions, with the Constitutional Court invaded by individuals related to your party, with the ethernal no, and no, and no... as the only answer to a milenary country... We will not retreat. You will be able to envy the army, to ban our parliament, to impose your tyranny, to say to Catalonia that it is no a country... We will not retreat. Millions of people who want to speak in the polls never will retreat. Millions of people who love their language, who feel their efforts in their foreheads and in their sweat and in their work... never will retreat. You are not offending the whim of a few citizens; you are attacking the dignity and the soul of a nation. We will not retreat. We are only asking the right to express the will of our country in a democratic way. You are perverting the meaning of democracy when you subject the free expression of a country ( that is aware of going a country) to the absolute refusal to listen to people. You have put the fossilization of the law above the rights of the cultures who make up the Spanish State.

And I'm going to write another sentence of Sir Winston Churchill: “Can peace, goodwill, and confidence be built upon submission to wrong-doing backed by force?” You should ask yourself this question. What sort of Spain are you dreaming? The Spain of silenced peoples? The Spain of legal strings? The Spain of continuing threats when people express their will for their homelands, their hopes for their political future? The Spain of the violences and confrontations? The Spain that humiliates the flags of its countries, the accents of the languages that sound in its lands...? The Spain that fears the richness of its nations?   You are building a future over the rotten foundations of imposition and intolerance.  And you are not Spain, Spain is the people but Spain also are the peoples, the lands, the countries, the nations that integrate the state. You can deny, forbid, prevent, offend, belittle, disregard... the dreams of millions of persons. But We will not retreat... we will find the gate, within the international legality, to achieve peacefully the hopes of our families and our people. 

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